Recycling of plastic bottles

With the rapid growth of the soft drink market, more and more waste PET bottles have caused serious white pollution, which has aroused the attention of the community. The research objective of this project is to develop a superplastic super tough low-cost new material characterized by the strength

PS version quality inspection before printing on the machine

In our day-to-day work, we can often meet with the quality of the PS plate that has already started printing on the machine. Then we need to remove the PS plate from the printing press, reprint it, and repeat the printing process. Since the process includes the drying time of the printing plate an

Couplet printing technology

Production does not require large-scale equipment investment, does not require calligraphy basis, just invest 100~600 yuan, purchase a set of universal printing plate, men and women can produce a three-dimensional luminous black gem Spring Festival couplets, colorful laser, bronzing and other spri

Whitening phenomenon of printing ink film

1 point whitening. The main reason is that the ink feeding system causes poor mutual solubility of wax surfactants, and the second reason is that the printing process is not reconstituted after the ink crust is transferred to the graphic. Treatment method: Aromatic hydrocarbons or ester solvents

Factors affecting blot dryness

First, the impact of environmental temperature and humidity 1. Influence of ambient temperature When the temperature rises, the speed of the molecules increases, the intramolecular energy increases, and more peroxides are easily generated with the activated genes, thereby accelerating the polyme

Digital printing cost calculation and pricing principles

Digital printing technology is increasingly perfect, enabling printing companies to meet the changing needs of companies and 21st century printing customers. Digital printing equipment is not only very suitable for printing short-run prints with fixed information, but also for printing customized

Visual Noise in Printed FM Dot Images

Since the first FM-screening product was launched, more than a dozen years have passed. Its development does not replace modulating and screening as the people concerned predict. The actual application, especially in the domestic traditional printing industry, is developing slowly. . There are man

Printing eliminates color casts and moire

The principle and practice of multi-color machine color arrangement We all know that, in the color platemaking process, the network line angle should be determined according to the primary and secondary colors of the original. Since the 45 degree angle has a special sensitivity to human sight, the

Self-made curved surface printer commentary

First, the advantages of self-made curved surface printing machine The surface printer itself is not a high-tech product. It is neither complicated nor esoteric. It understands some principles of mechanical braking and has rich experience in screen printing. Since the self-made curved surface pri