Teach you how to make a big eye

If you use a variety of treatments for the size of the eye does not work, if you have no patience to wait for treatment without deadline, I can suggest that you through some makeup techniques to achieve the wish, and this is not difficult, as long as you can adhere to ! Reasons for large and small

Learn to draw: dump truck

Learn to draw: dump truck Our Cement bag /sand bag/ pp woven sack /PP woven bag/PP big bag/Jumbo Bags' specification are as below: 1) the Cement Bags character are dust-proof, moisture-proof, bear the radiation, safety and substance. 2) Enough intensity on

Gathering family of cap collection family visits

Such a group of people, who claim to be “covering”, are also doing the tricks in the eyes of others: Discarded beverages or bottle caps have become unique treasures in their eyes. Numerous bottle caps are scattered on the floor. At the moment they own Their organization is called &quo

BASF's new innovative beverage bottle material

Fun-Time International, Krazy Straw® beverage bottle manufacturer, currently faces two major challenges: First, to reduce costs, and second, to use sustainable plastics instead of traditional PETG and PC bottle materials. The emergence of BASF Styrolux® 3G 46SBC has solved all this. Fun-Time

Maotai said never to recycle old bottles

Kweichow Moutai said that they never recycle old bottles. In this regard, the vendors and merchants who recycle the Maotai bottles claim to be collectors. As the Spring Festival approached, the recycling price of high-grade bottles also rose significantly. Some restaurants in Shenzhen reflect tha

How to test the thrust bearing after installation

When installing a thrust bearing, check the verticality of the shaft ring and shaft centerline. The method is to fix the dial gauge on the end face of the shell, so that the contacts of the watch rotate on the bearing on the raceway of the bearing shaft ring, and observe the pointer of the dial ga