Digital printing process special attention

(1) Digital printing is being registered with a 3mm error, so in the production of the document, 3mm bleeding is reserved as in traditional printing, so that the trimmed finished product will not have white edges. At the same time, in order not to cut the text but also for the beauty of the layout, please note that when the production staff typesetting, the text should not be too close to the edge (as far as possible not less than 8mm).

(2), electrostatic printing technology In order to fix the toner, a layer of silicone oil will be covered in the place where there is color, so it is not appropriate to write and seal the printed area.

(3) There is a large area of ​​silicone oil attached to the paper, after the film should not be added creases, there will be creases where the film will blistering. Experienced customers know that large ink-based documents do not use lamination because silicone oil has been used for lamination.

(4) After the paper passes through the digital printer, it will become very brittle and it is not advisable to do too much folding-breaking.

(5) When the customer brings up the document, it is necessary to tell which operating system and which version of the production software is used to complete the production, because if the file is opened with a different operating system or a different version of the software, the file cannot be opened and the file error occurs. Other phenomena (such as: PowerPoint file made under the XP system, open with the Windows2000 system, tilted image will shift)

(6) If the customer is using a newer or higher version of the production software to typeset and plot, Karma India will try to communicate with customers. Because the newer production software is not stable enough, it is easy to output problems.

Pallet Rotating Turntable provide a method of rotating unit loads when material lines intersect or change directions. Unlike Chain Transfer Devices, they maintain product orientation through an intersection. They can also be used to reverse the orientation of a product or allow a pass through depending on application requirements. When used in a system, they will typically slow through put and require more complex controls to ensure safety because for the rotating top assembly.

Pallet 90 Degree Turntable allows pallets rotation and directional change in the your conveyor system. The turntable conveyor can be used for pallet sortation, accumulation as well as directional changes in the Automatic Stretch Wrapper Machine packing line.

Pallet Rotating Turntable

Pallet Rotating Turntable

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