Skillfully draw the eyelids to make up the eye-shaped charm difference

The eye-catching style is flowing, but it will make people feel a sense of distance; the round eyes are sweet and pleasant, but there is less charming moment... The perfect eye shape and the "short board". And we usually make up the upper eyelids and fill the natural weaknesses that have been broken! The lower eyelids are the beauty of the open space and double the makeup effect. You can make up your eyes and charms with your eyelids!

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Pure eye shadow makeup Toadd simple affinity

The tail of the eye is upturned and is called the lifting eye. The curved end of the eye that smiles up makes this kind of eye shape unique, and there is no problem with the increase of the opposite sex. But what is fatal is that this kind of glamorous eye shape always makes people feel a sense of distance when not laughing. The first impression survey also shows that many people are alert to such eye-shaped girls. How to ease the terrible sense of distance, please see here!

Style hanging eyes

Style hanging eyes

Pass the makeup spirit:

1. Avoid sharp, don't use eyeliner

Want to be sharp-eyed, the gas field is compelling, you need to borrow the power of thick black eyeliner, but you want to make up for the affinity of the lifting eye with distance, you can avoid the eyeliner, a box of color eye shadow is more suitable. If you are worried that you don't have eyeliner, you can choose to wear false eyelashes, beautiful eyes and other methods to make up for it. It is recommended that you use warm brown, beige and other eye shadows close to the skin, draw a thick lower eyeliner, visually pull up the upturned eye tail, look comfortable, simple to draw.

2. Lower eyelids are thicker than others

Usually the main point of make-up is that the upper eyelids are heavy and thick, while the lower eyelids only need to choose the middle color to respond to it. For lifting eyes, the most important thing is to make up the lower eyelids. Therefore, the color used in the lower eyelid can be thicker and deeper than other positions, especially the end of the eye.