Instruction manual of mouse hydrocortisone (HYD) ELISA kit

Instruction manual of mouse hydrocortisone (HYD) ELISA kit This kit is for research use only. Drug Name: Generic name: Mouse Hydrocortisone (HYD) ELISA Kit purpose of usage: This kit is used to determine the content of hydrocortisone (HYD) in mouse serum, plasma, or other related tissue fluid

KBA Cartamundi expands product offerings

Cartamundi has seven production plants worldwide. A 14-unit B1 Rapida, which was put into use at the main plant in 2008, is the machine with the longest configuration of this class of printing presses, and like the one in Dallas, there are also five printing units. Subsequently, a glazing unit, a

Other factors affecting tinplate printing fastness

1. The effect of baking temperature on the adhesion of tinplate In tinplate printing, because the surface of the substrate is smooth and the drying speed is slow, heating and baking must be used to speed up the drying speed. This is one of the characteristics of tinplate printing. At the same tim