The application of point-speed tachymeter in telecommunication industry

Background overview

There are many paper documents that need to be processed in the telecommunications business, which requires a lot of staff time, and requires a high concentration of staff during the collation process, otherwise it will bring confusion to the work, and once the work is confusion Will bring a series of problems to customers, while causing various losses in the telecommunications sector.

With regard to the processing of these paper documents, with the speedometer, everything can be solved.

Yangquan Telecom took the lead in introducing the point-to-point speed camera to solve the above series of problems.

demand analysis

1. A copy of ID card and other documents is required for business;

2. A large number of contracts will be generated when handling business, and data such as agreements need to be scanned and stored.

application solution

According to the application requirements of Yangquan Telecom, the point-to-speed tachymeter was introduced. The specific working topology is as follows:

Document scanning:

The customer gives the ID card and other documents to the staff. The staff uses the instant camera to store the document in the customer data file.

Data scanning and archiving:

The staff scans the data file filled by the customer through the speed-shot device and stores it in the customer data file

After all the business is completed, the documents scanned by the speed camera are divided into records for each customer / business.


1. Scan real-time, convenient and fast, scan, save and see;

2. Convenience of work, only need to place a speedometer on the table of each staff, you can scan all the customer's information into the computer archive;

3. The archive is organized, and for each user, different project files are photographed, and each project file is each customer's data set;

4. Green environmental protection, no external power supply, directly through USB power supply, while saving paper expenses (such as: ID card copying)


1. Greatly save the consumption of paper and copier;

2. The work of the staff has become significantly easier. Documents that previously needed to be sorted into categories are no longer required to be sorted out. They have been sorted and filed during scanning in the business process (each customer can scan each business separately In a project file);

3. The work efficiency is greatly improved, and there is no need to copy all kinds of documents back and forth;

4. Put an end to the error rate of the work. In the past, it may have occurred in the case of file loss or file sorting errors. After the introduction of the speed camera, the documents will be stored and classified after shooting, and they will never appear again.

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