How to remove formaldehyde and formaldehyde in a newly renovated house

The formaldehyde content in the newly renovated house is very high. The formaldehyde pollution in the decoration is mainly from the glue added to the putty powder on the wall, and the furniture. Living in a space polluted by formaldehyde for a long time can cause adverse symptoms such as decreased immunity and affect people's health. So the removal of formaldehyde is a very important step just after renovation , so how to remove formaldehyde in a newly renovated house ? Let's take a look at the relevant knowledge about how to remove formaldehyde in a newly renovated house !

How to remove formaldehyde in a newly renovated house

1. Open windows for ventilation

Ventilation is the easiest way to remove harmful gases through the natural flow of air. However, the release period of formaldehyde is too long, which is not suitable for people who are anxious to move in.

2. Activated carbon

The void structure of activated carbon has the function of adsorbing formaldehyde, but it also has certain limitations. Compared with the area of ​​the new home, the small body of activated carbon is really lacking in strength, it is difficult to absorb formaldehyde at a long distance in a short time, and the adsorption capacity is also limited. If you want to check in as soon as possible, activated carbon is not very useful, but it is still very helpful to put it in a drawer or closet.

3. Plant absorption

Plants can absorb harmful substances through photosynthesis, and the formaldehyde absorption rate, such as green radix, can play an auxiliary role. However, it can only absorb a small amount, and the formaldehyde in furniture is continuously released, so the method of plant absorption is not very efficient.

4. Photocatalyst

Photocatalyst is a general term for a semiconductor material with photocatalysis, such as nanometer titanium dioxide. Similar to photosynthesis, it can decompose organic pollutants, deodorize, sterilize, and purify the air. To play a role, it needs ultraviolet light to stimulate, but the formaldehyde-stricken area is in the back of the cabinet, furniture, etc., and there is no sunlight, so the photocatalyst is often helpless.

5. Air purifier

Now many air purifiers can indeed achieve the effect of filtering formaldehyde, but the actual effect is usually a bit lower than what the manufacturers advertise. Putting one at home, although it cannot be completely eradicated, is considered a more efficient method.

6. Maya blue

This is actually an adsorbent, containing tourmaline components, with strong purification and adsorption capacity, and natural components, which is not easy to cause secondary pollution. The function is similar to activated carbon, but the adsorption capacity is much stronger. After three years of use, the purification capacity can still retain 70%, but the price is much more expensive than activated carbon.

Summary: After reading the above introduction to how to remove formaldehyde in a newly renovated house, you also have a certain understanding of how to remove formaldehyde in a newly renovated house. In the end, how to operate Xiaobian recommends that you use multiple methods at the same time. The effect is quite good. Hope Can help you, if you want to know more information, please continue to pay attention to this website, stay tuned for more exciting!

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How to remove formaldehyde in a newly renovated house

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