Left and right sofas advance into double 11 furniture category sales TOP10 quality service praised

The miracle of the Internet age can happen at any time. As of 0:00 on November 11, 2014, the Tmall Double Eleven Shopping Carnival ended with an impressive sales of 57.1 billion. The furniture products that are often crowned as “big pieces”, “difficult to transport” and “re-experienced” once again produced excellent transcripts in this promotion war.
Comparing this year's and last year's double-11 furniture-selling brand TOP10, we can find that there are some changes in the ranking of furniture products. The five brands of Lin's Wood, All-Friends, Gujia Home, Zhihua Shi, and Yalan continue to maintain the top ten, while the other five positions have new faces.
In this "turning" feng shui, the rise of some brands is particularly worthy of attention.
Compared with other brands, the time for the left and right sofas to intervene in e-commerce is not too early. In 2012, the left and right sofas first entered Tmall, but they were absent from the Tmall Double 11 promotion war. The following year, the left and right sofas participated in the Tmall Double Eleven for the first time, and they squeezed into the top 20 of the furniture sales. This year, the left and right sofas are catching up. With nearly 30 million sales, they are ranked 8th in the sales category of Tmall double eleven furniture.
For all businesses, the Double Eleven is a "hard battle", long-term preparation, organization and play on the day of the event, as well as logistics and after-sales service. In order to stand out in this battle, the participating brands can be said to be exhausted, and the sofa is no exception.

What is double eleven? First of all, it is an e-commerce promotion war. From the day it was born, Tmall Double Eleven was regarded as a "price war." The fact is that there are promotions every day in the store, 365 days a year, and there are discounts for the family, such as the double eleven cats, Jingdong, Suning, etc., the price cuts can no longer meet the needs of current consumers, especially for the price of single items such as furniture. For products that are expensive and costly to transport, services are highly valued.
It is not difficult to find that in this year's double eleven-day cat promotion campaign, the department brand has come up with another bargain besides the low price - service. The left and right sofas are one of the typical representatives. This year's double eleven, around the sofa showed a "service card -" - package logistics, package distribution, package upstairs, package installation and package after the "five packages service." And promised 30 yuan no reason to return, than the state-defined "online shopping 7 days no reason to return" extended 23 days.
It is understood that before the Double Eleven, the left and right sofas started the national logistics layout, and 13 logistics service stations were set up throughout the country to mobilize 2,000 stores nationwide to provide delivery and installation services for online sales. In terms of inventory, 1,000 sets of stocks were reserved in advance for the Tmall store. The prepared left and right sofas hope to break the "stubborn disease" of the double eleven delivery, promised that the first 100 orders will be shipped within 15 days, and the first 200 copies will be shipped within 28.
From simply stressing low prices to playing a "characteristic card" service, industry insiders believe that the left and right sofas are trying a personalized e-commerce road. In this era of emphasizing the sense of shopping experience, the service may add competitiveness to the brand in the e-commerce battle.

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