Three strokes to buy classical furniture, easy to get

The collection value of classical furniture is usually measured in terms of age, material, craftsmanship, function and integrity. Different furniture characteristics in different periods have different artistic values, so the production age of furniture is the most important value standard of classical furniture. As for how to choose, you need to refer to the following three measures.

The first move, comprehensive evaluation. Classical furniture collection can not focus on materials and age, some high art, well-made furniture is also worth collecting. Today, people have a big misunderstanding about the value of furniture. They believe that its value depends on wood. Now many collectors believe that as long as it is huanghuali, rosewood furniture will appreciate, no matter how expensive it can buy, this is the typical material. s". There is also a view that furniture is older and better, and older furniture is more collectible. These two viewpoints are not advisable. Judging classical furniture should be all-round. The value of classical furniture should be judged from many aspects such as rareness, material, artistry, recognition and retention. .

The second measure, on-site identification. Collecting classical furniture simply does not know how to study books. It is necessary to go to the market and turn more and compare to make a correct judgment. For example, Ming Dynasty furniture and Ming style furniture are different. Ming Dynasty furniture and Ming style furniture are two concepts and should not be confused. Ming Dynasty furniture, as its name suggests, is the furniture produced in the Ming Dynasty, and Ming-style furniture is an excellent boutique furniture produced in the Ming Dynasty. It has outstanding characteristics and can concentrate on the outstanding style of Ming Dynasty furniture. Furniture with a prominent feature of the era is the best collection. Only by looking at more contrasts can we distinguish the authenticity and distinguish the advantages and disadvantages.

The third measure, professional advice. When you buy classical furniture, you should pay attention to the evaluation. It is especially easy to buy things. Tibetan friends must purchase classical furniture accompanied by people in the industry and fully listen to their professional opinions. Basically, it can be said that there are no “old things” in major shopping malls. The classical furniture that most people see is antique furniture. Of course, antique furniture also belongs to classical furniture, and it also has a certain collection, appreciation and use value. Professional opinions can make it easy for you to purchase genuine collections.

It is important to emphasize that in addition to paying attention to the shape, color and lines of classical furniture, it is necessary to pay attention to observe the wood grain and observe whether it is polished with wax. If the paint cover is particularly thick and bright, it is particularly doubtful. May have moved hands and feet. In short, Tibetans must strictly control when purchasing classical furniture. More detailed and more professional, you can make your classical furniture collection even more powerful.

How to choose classical furniture is introduced here, I hope the above content is helpful to everyone.

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