High cold queen makeup makeup skills analysis

Different occasions require different makeup and matching. In addition to the sweet princess makeup that people love to see and bloom, the high-cold queen makeup is definitely able to instantly enhance the makeup of the gas field. Today, Xiaobian will bring you a high-cold queen makeup makeup analysis. Come and learn!

The lower eyeliner has a new height

This season, the eyeliner has reached a new height!

Once upon a time, the all-inclusive smoky makeup made countless punk rock-nature girls fall for it, but with the fresh nude makeup trend sweeping the world, the unfortunate lower eyeliner became the first makeup technique abandoned by everyone.

But this season we found from the surprise on the runway, just need a lower eyeliner to let the girl in the moment have the Queen's atmosphere!

In fact, the reason why the eyeliner is abandoned by us is that the whole eyeliner will make the eyes look smaller, and occasionally give the person a dirty face. However, this time the eyeliner in the rescue field has reached a new height!

Tips 1: weaken or omit the upper eyeliner

We can see from the demonstration T-stage map that the resurgence of the eyeliner in this season is not simply to copy the makeup of the past, but to highlight the lower eyeliner as the focus of eye makeup. Once upon a time, we thought that the most important upper eyeliner in eye makeup was gradually weakened by the makeup masters, and even ignored directly.

At this moment, a clear black eyeliner will make your gas field burst in an instant!

Tips 2: Lose eye shadow, the overall makeup is clean and transparent

The eye shadow is the same as the upper eyeliner, and can be ignored directly in front of the Queen Fan. In short, the principle is that the simpler is about cold.

No sense of makeup

High cold queen makeup

Draw the lower eyeliner of the rescue, you are the queen? Wait! There are still a few steps. First of all, the foundation of the makeup, the new generation of high-cold queen also loves the nude makeup. Their base makeup is also non-inductive, and even directly saves the concealer step, it seems to go even better!

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