Electronic balance classification

1. The electronic balance and its classification can be divided into the following types of electronic balance according to the accuracy of the electronic balance:

1. Ultra-micro electronic balance: The maximum weighing of the ultra-micro balance is 2 to 5g, and the scale division value is less than (maximum) weighing 10-6, such as Mettler's UMT2 electronic balance is an ultra-micro electronic balance.

2. Micro balance: The weight of the micro balance is generally between 3 and 50 g, and its division value is less than (maximum) 10-5, such as Mettler's AT21 electronic balance and Sartoruis' S4 electronic balance.

3. Semi-micro balance: The weighing of semi-micro balance is generally between 20 and 100g, and its division value is less than (maximum) 10-5, such as Mettler's AE50 electronic balance and Sartoruis' M25D electronic balance. Such.

4. Constant electronic balance: The maximum weighing of this type of balance is generally between 100 and 200g, and its division value is less than (maximum) weighing 10-5, such as Mettler's AE200 electronic balance and Sartoruis' A120S, A200S electronic balance On average it belongs to a constant electronic balance.

5. Analytical balance: In fact, electronic analytical balance is a general term for constant balance, semi-micro balance, micro balance and ultra-micro balance.

6. Precision electronic balance: This type of electronic balance is the general name of the electronic balance with the accuracy level of â…¡.

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