Bridge made of waste cardboard (illustration)

Bridge made of waste cardboard Handmade paper bridge (click on the image for a larger view) A Kitchen Knife is intended to be used for food preparation. A good knife that feels like an extension of your arm. Chef knife, carving knife, bread knife, paring knife and

Care for the neck skin to create a sexy skin

The skin of the neck is very thin and fragile, especially in the skin in front of the neck. The number of sebaceous glands and sweat glands is only one-third of that of facial skin. The secretion of sebum is less, it is difficult to maintain moisture, it is easy to dry, and wrinkles are easy to occ

Netizens love to buy Chinese skin care products

Old-fashioned Chinese goods, because of the actual price, good effect and regained favor, and a nostalgic mood for children, so that girls will re-home this "grandmother" domestic skin care products . This spring, with the "grandmother" of domestic products skin care products ha

Screen printing material requirements

The pursuit of high quality screen printing, as screen printing workers, should first have the right quality concept. Second, there should be good work habits, such as the working environment should be kept clean, all appliances should be better maintained. If there is no vacuum cleaner, do not us

Acne secret recipe to achieve acne insulation muscle

Now is the high season of acne, high temperature, greasy skin is easy to take acne , want to become acne insulation skin, not just basic maintenance, first aid tricks should be prepared, this summer, along with Xiaobian to achieve pox The goal of acne insulation muscles Clean work must be done wel

Parent World: Baby only needs 6 toys in childhood?

Baby only needs 6 toys in childhood? [Chinese and foreign toy nets · Toy culture] For the baby, playing is everything, and playing is really crucial to his growth. In the process of playing, the baby knows how to explore the world and learn how to master skills, such as; crawling, walking, tal

How to care for sensitive skin

Are you sensitive skin ? You know which part is most sensitive to you, to see how sensitive skin care is done. Diet Improvement: Eaten skin tolerance 1. Eat more foods with low fat, high protein, high vitamins and more minerals, which can enhance the toughness and elasticity of the blood vessel w

Seven factors that affect the safe use of paper cutters

The problem of the safety of paper cutters is a problem easily overlooked by many digital printers. However, once a paper cutter hits an incident, it will not only affect the production, but also cause harm to personnel. The impact on the company will be disastrous. In particular, after the implem