Linyin ink printing failure and its treatment

1. Whitening of printing ink film â‘  Point-type albino. The main reason is that the ink system has poor mutual solubility for the wax surfactants; the second reason is that the printing process is not reconstituted after the ink is skinned and is transferred to the graphic. Treatment method

What are loopers and dead loops?

Answer: Loose sleeve and dead sleeve refer to the form of hardcover sleeve processing. The loose cover is also called the flexible cover, that is, after the book is processed into a book, the book block and the book cover can be separated or exchanged at will. This form is convenient to use and is s

On the application of decorative UV screen printing ink

In recent years, with the development of UV inks and UV curing technologies, decorative UV screen printing inks have become more and more widely used in packaging printing. After printing with decorative UV screen printing ink, some special artistic effects can be produced, which can play a decora

Photoshop color correction

As the most important application software in the field of image processing, photoshop is already one of the tools that the majority of computer designers and prepress personnel must master. It has powerful image processing and design functions. This article aims to make an introduction to the col

What type of gravure ink is favored by printing companies

The products of some large ink manufacturers, especially gold, silver and white ink, will drop ink during printing and post-press processing. White ink is also prone to poor adhesion. Many packaging products are decorated with large color blocks As a result, discoloration directly affects the qual

Development of sheetfed offset presses

After years of rapid development, sheet-fed offset presses have become so mature in mechanical structure and performance that the corresponding products between competitors have been difficult to form. To succeed in the competition, Mitsubishi believes that sheet-fed offset presses must take the l

2013 China CTP plate usage may exceed 60% mark

In 2011, the use of CTP plates reached 117 million square meters, accounting for 46% of the total use of offset plates. Who can think that only 6 years ago, the use of CTP plates in 2005 accounted for only the total amount of offset plates used. 5%. The five-year high-speed development stems from th