Is the glass bottle really lightweight? Need more consideration

In the past period, the lightweighting of glass bottles has become a major challenge for many packaging companies. Indeed, the lightweighting of glass bottles is first and foremost the saving of raw materials in Dalian. For food and beverage manufacturers, the cost savings per year on glass bottle packaging can reach several million or even tens of millions. Therefore, if we can make breakthroughs in light weight, glass bottle manufacturers will naturally gain a competitive advantage. At the same time, lightweighting will also drop substantially in terms of carbon emissions, and it will be welcomed by environmentalists.

However, we should pour cold water and actually consider that the lightweight glass bottles may not be so beautiful. First of all, lightweight glass bottles are a big problem in manufacturing technology and require a lot of manpower and resources to develop. Whether the glass bottle with thin wall thickness can withstand the pressure, whether it becomes fragile in the course of use, and the potential safety hazards for the consumers, all need to be solved. Secondly, the advantages of glass bottles in packaging, especially in cosmetics and other fields, are mainly the appearance of a thick texture, which brings consumers experience. Lightweight glass bottles tend to have a look and feel in plastic bottles. The lightweight glass bottles can be recognized by manufacturers and need a big question mark. Once again, the user's consumption habits have always been accustomed to the appearance and appearance of glass bottles. This has been accumulated through the use of glass bottles for a long time. For example, let's go for a bottle of champagne. If the bottle becomes unusually light, consumers may not recognize it.

In short, the advantages and disadvantages of lightweight glass bottles require more consideration from manufacturers.

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