UV detector function

The role of the UV tester: 1. In scientific experiments, it examines many major substances such as proteins, nucleotides, and the like. 2. In the production and research of drugs, it can be used to check the quality of fluorescent alkaloids, vitamins and other kinds of fluorescent drugs. It is e

The home industry 趁 "City"

No matter which entrepreneur, no one misses 2004-2007, it is the last peak of the market boom. They don't have to spend too much marketing effort, just ample supply, there is a lot of cash inflows. After 2008, the global economy began to decline, the government carried out large-scale regulatio

Nucleic acid protein detector instructions

The nucleic acid protein detector is equipped with a chromatography column, a constant current pump, a partial collector, a chromatographic analysis system and a computer printing device to form a complete nucleic acid protein detector separation chromatography system. It is today's modern anal

What is the type and price of the OSIM massage chair?

With the improvement of people's living standards and the increasing pressure of modern urban life work, many families began to consider setting up a massage chair, and many people still don't know much about the brand. There are various brands of massage chairs on the mark

Wrinkled paper handmade 蜻蜓

Kindergarten small production: crepe paper handmade 蜻蜓 Handmade materials: crepe paper, hair root , scissors How to make: Cut two wrinkles paper and tie it with hair roots. FISHING REELSWEIHAI WEFISH OUTDOOR PRODUCTS CO.,LTD , https://www.wefishtackle.com

High-precision cryostat operation steps

First, the instrument appearance: Second, the characteristics: 1. The high-precision low-temperature constant temperature tank liner and the work table are made of stainless steel and the surface of the chassis is sprayed. 2. The high-precision cryostat refrigeration system adopts air-cooled fu