Wardrobe Guide: The main cloakroom design allows you to pick

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] It’s hard to decide to build a cloakroom at home, but it doesn’t know enough about the function of the cloakroom. What kind of cloakroom is more suitable for your own home? The open, independent and embedded cloakrooms are the current mainstream trend. For the analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of these three cloakrooms, you have to choose the cloakroom.

Open cloakroom

Wardrobe Guide: The main cloakroom design allows you to pick

Built-in cloakroom

Suitable for : The open cloakroom is suitable for young people who want to solve all the functions in a large space. But even if it is open, there must be some privacy, so as not to make the big space seem too chaotic.

Advantages and Disadvantages : A good form is to use an empty wall for storage, not completely closed. The advantage is that the air is well ventilated and spacious. However, the disadvantage is that the dust is poor, especially when it is close to the bathroom, the moisture is heavy. Therefore, dust prevention is a key consideration in such a cloakroom. The dust cover can be used to hang clothes and the boxes are used to stack clothes. For the sake of distinction, some signs can be added. If you have more drawers and cabinets, it is more practical.

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Kitchen accessory

Kitchen Accessory

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