The development of eyewear e-commerce is inseparable from people's eyes

The rapid development of e-commerce has led not only to the clothing and digital industries. In recent years, the network of glasses has gradually become popular and has become increasingly fierce. For example, the development of billion super glasses, available contact lenses is very rapid. Yichao recently opened its own offline experience stores in various stores and recruited franchisees nationwide. Available glasses also began to integrate contact lenses in the pharmacy field. In addition to them, there are hundreds of thousands of e-commerce in the endless development. Therefore, many traditional optical shops feel more and more pressure, especially the sales of contact lenses and sunglasses have been a great impact on the electricity supplier. Is it true that there is no business to do in the traditional optical retail store under the line?
There is also a spring retail for offline glasses. The scenery of Yoshio and JINS is unique. In February 2010, the Izitan Store of Meilong Town in Shanghai opened in December 2013, and the store opened in December 2013 in Nanjing. In the first-tier cities in China in four years, 24 new stores were opened. When Zov was founded in Japan, he advocated breaking the idea that glasses are expensive to sell. Established a one-stop production service system for glasses design, production and sales. To ensure that the glasses are designed to meet the market trend, the use of lenses with functionally clear lenses has freed consumers from the uneasy mentality of “how much money is needed” and has therefore been favored by many customers. As a result, the market share of other optical shops continues to be swallowed up. At the same time, in the domestic market, there are also offline retailers such as JINS and Mujiu, which are representative of the success of the offline market.
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