Shangpin home with custom wardrobe to create a stylish home for the owners

[ Zhonghua Wardrobe ] Shangpin House was established in 2004. It is a brand of Guangzhou Shangpin Home Furnishings Co., Ltd., which is fashionable and has a variety of styles, attracting the attention of many consumers. Whole house customization is a major feature of it. You don't have to worry about the spaciousness of the apartment, the irregularity of the apartment type, or the waste of space. You can decide whether to buy it first by looking at the design plan and the quotation. Solved a big problem for the busy young group.

Shangpin home with custom closet

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Nordic sunshine

On behalf of the plate : white cherry + wave board spokesperson: recognize and yearn for Nordic nature, simple lifestyle, minimalist fans, "the most fashionable and the most simple"

Nordic Sunshine once again demonstrates the simple style of Northern Europe. Under the premise of maintaining the overall style, the craftsmanship and the board are integrated with more wisdom details of the designer. The use of the white cherry wave board makes the curved shape of the border more round and perfect, and the three-dimensionality Full, simple but not simple.

The material properties are naturally warm, and the non-solid wood creates a textured solid wood feel, bringing a sunny mood.

Shangpin home with wardrobe

North American Maple

Representative sheet : North American maple spokesperson: pay attention to details, people who yearn for urban pastoral life

The North American style series is soft and bright, no red pear wood, no ebony thick, some soft, elegant, intimate, without any publicity, yet confident. With a fine curved surface, it creates a stylish and elegant home style.

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