Will you look at the quality inspection report when purchasing furniture and building materials? Look carefully at the certificate to prevent "fudge"

(http://) "Buy furniture with high formaldehyde content, so choose to bring environmental protection certificate; choose the floor is afraid that the quality is not up to standard, must look at the quality inspection report; choose paint Wallpapers are more like to be labeled with environmental labels, otherwise they are not practical at home..." Recently, Mr. Chen, who is busy decorating new homes, is worried. The most afraid of children under one year of age is poorly resistant. If there is a problem, it will affect the health of the child. When you go shopping, you will need an environmental certificate with the business. Even if the price is expensive, you should buy a peace of mind.

In fact, Mr. Chen’s fears are not without reason. The primary criterion for the renovation of many consumer homes is “environmental protection”. However, at present, the advertising campaigns on environmental protection and quality in the home market are overwhelming, and various professional terms make consumers feel at a loss. They have to rely on the various certifications issued by the merchants to judge the pros and cons. So in the vast home improvement building materials market, how high are these “environmental certificates and quality inspection reports”? Consumers face a dazzling array of "quality and safety", "environmental safety standards" and other reports, how can we choose a truly qualified product?

It is difficult to distinguish multiple doors

After randomly visiting 24 building materials and furniture brands in a store, the reporter found that when merchants were required to issue product environmental certification or quality inspection certificates, more than 90% of the brands were able to come up with various certificates provided by the manufacturers. Moreover, these certification marks are not only domestic but also international, both national and local, such as "China Environmental Labeling Certificate", "Green Choice Recommendation", "International ISO-94011 Environmental Certification", etc. International certificate and certification written in English.

Moreover, the reporter found that the certificates issued by various brands are dazzling, and the units that certify and issue signs are also diverse. Some are China Quality Certification Centers, some are China Building Decoration Materials Association, and some inspection reports are issued by the National Building Materials Testing Center... indeed a bit It makes people look at it. In the interview, many clerk said that in fact, there are not many consumers who ask for brand certificates. Even if they look at consumers, they will still have to rely on brand management and customer reputation for many years.

According to industry insiders, the environmental protection and quality certification agencies of most household materials in the market have official and non-governmental organizations. Even some small enterprises have their own certification marks that are paid for or made by themselves. Therefore, consumers only rely on certificates to purchase qualified products. The method of the product is actually not scientific.

The quality inspection rate has increased year by year.

Although the current home improvement industry certification is confusing, with the continuous improvement of the national quality supervision department, the product quality and environmental performance of the entire home improvement market have indeed improved.

According to the staff of the relevant departments of product quality supervision and inspection, in recent years, the pass rate of home improvement materials, whether sent or sampled, has been increasing year by year. The unqualified factors of ceramic tiles and sanitary wares mainly depend on the water absorption rate, the damage strength and the water saving index. This change reflects the promotion of product quality and quality by the major brands and the promotion of consumption concepts. Environmental performance. The rise and development of some big brands have also injected positive energy for “quality” and “environmental protection” for the whole industry, which makes the whole home improvement market show a positive side.

In addition, home brands such as Red Star Macalline and Real Home, which have a well-known brand and standardized management, have been strictly screened when they choose to settle in the brand, and signed quality assurance and product environmental protection treaties with merchants to ensure that the products sold meet the requirements. Environmental standards set by the state. In contrast, those miscellaneous products that do not meet the standards have basically been removed from the formal shopping malls. For consumers, it is more secure to choose to purchase products from regular home stores.

Look carefully at the certificate to prevent "fudge"

With the approach of 3.15 Consumer Rights Day, major quality inspection departments will launch a new round of quality inspection on home improvement products. The staff of the relevant departments of product quality supervision and inspection told the reporter that every year, the organization will conduct 3 to 4 sampling inspections of products in the home improvement building materials market in Yunnan Province, and more and more enterprises choose to consciously send inspections. To a certain extent, this reflects the increasing emphasis on environmental performance and quality.

However, experts remind consumers that although some companies are qualified for sampling and inspection, the relevant inspection agencies are only responsible for the samples sent and the batches tested. It does not mean that all products of the company are in compliance with environmental standards. In addition, the environmental protection and quality certification reports of the national or provincial quality supervision departments usually need to be re-examined every year. Some merchants will modify and copy the previous years' qualification certificates to consumers, and treat these expired environmental protection and quality certifications as permanent. The "golden signboard". Therefore, consumers must clearly see the product data and validity period on the inspection report to avoid being "fudged" by the so-called counterfeit certificate.
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