The rapid development of the silk screen packaging industry, the unique hot stamping process is sought after

With the continuous improvement of the national economy and the rapid development of the screen printing and packaging industry, people are increasingly demanding high-end, exquisite, environmentally friendly, and personalized products for outer packaging. In the post-press processing of packaging products, the hot stamping process Its unique surface finishing effect has always been loved by people.

There are three main functions of bronzing. One is surface decoration. The graphics after bronzing show a strong metallic luster, bright colors and never fading. Especially bronzing silver, which embellishes the surface of the printed matter with its magnificent, exquisite and elegant decoration. Enhance the artistic quality of the printed matter, play a prominent theme of the publicity effect, and its brightness is much more than the printed gold and silver, so that the product has a high-end texture while giving people the enjoyment of beauty, greatly improving the added value of the product; the second is to give The product has high anti-counterfeiting performance, uses holographic positioning hot stamping trademark logo, anti-counterfeiting, and keeping the brand name; third, because the bronzing layer has excellent physical and chemical properties, it plays a very good role in protecting the text on the printed product.
However, the current hot stamping technology still has limitations: the preparation of hot stamping plates results in a long stamping process, many processes, and high pollution. It is impossible to achieve a large area, one hot stamping, and one printing. Therefore, the bronzing technology cannot be applied to the surface decoration of publicity carriers common in advertising industries such as large-format posters, personalized calendars, and roll up banners.

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