Pay attention to the space ratio when purchasing high and low temperature test chambers

Many users are confused when purchasing high and low temperature test chambers, because the salesperson will ask you the size, shape, material, weight, power test and heat quantity of the test workpiece, and finally recommend the equipment that suits your size. Is the selection of high and low temperature test chambers selected according to shape, material and weight? In fact, the user is misunderstanding, these are an auxiliary condition to help purchase high and low temperature test chambers, although the size of the test workpiece is optional high and low temperature. The main indicators of the test box, but the shape, material, weight, test of the live test and its heat generation of the test piece will affect the actual purchase and use of the test box. Then, when we buy, we should pay attention to what matters, Yashilin Instruments will solve your problems.

1. The volume of the test workpiece shall not exceed 20 to 35% of the effective working space of the test box. It is recommended to use no more than 10% for products that generate heat during the test.

2. The ratio of the windward sectional area of ​​the test piece to the total area of ​​the test chamber on the section is not more than 35 to 50%.

3. The distance between the outer surface of the test workpiece and the wall of the high and low temperature test chamber shall be at least 100-150 mm.

Note: In addition to the size of the inner box, look at the size of the outer box. The equipment is placed in the workshop or the laboratory. It is placed on several floors. There is no elevator. Whether the equipment can be smoothly placed in the designated position, pay special attention to the door. The size of the elevator is very important.


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