What floor is suitable for floor heating? What kind of floor is suitable for floor heating

What floor is suitable for floor heating? Whether it is due to the good heating effect or more health reasons, more and more families will choose to install floor heating, and facts have proved to be the case. However, families who install floor heating must face a problem, that is, the laying of the floor, what floor is suitable for floor heating? In this article, we will introduce this problem specifically, and hope to help everyone.

First of all, the composite floor is more suitable for laying on the floor heating, because the standard thickness of the floor heating floor is 6.5 ~ 8.5mm, the thickness of the composite floor is mostly 6 ~ 9mm, of which the laminate floor is mostly 6 ~ 8mm, three-layer solid wood composite floor 8 ~ 9mm, the heat transfer performance is better, and there is a wear-resistant layer of aluminum oxide on the surface. This wear-resistant layer is conducive to the rapid diffusion of heat on the ground, so many families will choose to lay the composite floor on the floor heating.

Secondly, composite flooring is also a good choice. This is because the floor is pressed at high temperature and the internal moisture content is very small, so the floor will not be deformed due to the loss of moisture. Each layer of the multi-layer solid wood composite floor is staggered horizontally and vertically, and they are mutually constrained. There are dense anti-deformation grooves on the back, which decomposes the stress generated by the heated surface, so the amount of deformation is small, so it is better in usability.

Third, many people want to choose solid wood flooring for floor heating. Experts on this website recommend not to do this, because there is air between the solid wood floor and the ground, and the thermal conductivity of the air and wood is very low, so that the heat is not easily transferred to The surface of the ground will cause the waste of heat, the surface temperature is uneven, and the temperature difference feels obvious.

What kind of floor is suitable for floor heating? What kind of floor is suitable for floor heating? The author has explained this issue to everyone, now do you have a relatively clear understanding of this problem? In general, laying the floor above the floor heating must be It should be noted that if an inappropriate floor is installed, the use of floor heating will be greatly reduced at this time, so the choice of floor must be paid attention to.

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