You may try these high-tech parenting supplies for your second child.

Although I have been a mother, I will never miss out on some important parenting information, because some information can make life change and become better and more convenient. For example, the leak-proof snack cup allows you to lick your back when you eat cereal, just like a personal meat vacuum cleaner; long-sleeved waterproof smocks allow you to worry and scold when your child is eating, because children can't help Eat a meal without getting food on the clothes. However, these are small Cases. These advanced parenting products and technologies will enable you to enjoy Mommy's life better.
1. Let you know the DNA test that should be given to your child.

Mom and Dad, let's put the nutritious rice noodles in your hand and take a look at the future of technology. This DNA test will let you know exactly how you can match their daily diet based on the unique genes of your child. Does it sound cool? !
2. Easy-to-clean long-sleeved waterproof gown

I am very not good at wearing a bib for children, because my child hates bibs, and to be honest, the effect of the bib does not seem to be very good. But if they have a bib with such long sleeves and a trendy style, maybe they will wear it!
3. Safety scissors that make it easy for you to prepare baby food supplements

When preparing food for my child, I often give up the knife and fork and use my fingers to shred the food bit by bit. If I knew that there was such a safety scissors for children to prepare food, I would have prepared a handful, and everything was much more troublesome!
4. Automatic milking machine

As shown, this is not an electric drill. The TheDiluo automatic milking machine, developed and produced in Sweden, is basically like a coffee machine that uses formula to replace coffee beans. It can even connect to Wi-Fi, so when you are busy with your baby upstairs and need a cup of milk at a suitable temperature, you can use your mobile phone to do simple operations. When you go downstairs, you have a cup of foam. The milk is waiting for you.
5. Easy to use bottle converter

You go out with a baby and come to a public place. You need to make a cup of milk for your baby, but you only have one bottle of water. What should you do then? Innovative NacheThompson invented the water bottle converter, which allows any water bottle to be quickly converted into a bottle.
6. Baby rocking chair that can be controlled by mobile phone
This baby rocker called MamaRoo is perhaps the world's first baby rocker that can be controlled with a mobile app. If you want to comfort your baby but don't want to hold him, this rocking chair can come in handy. You can simply control the seat on your mobile phone while preparing dinner.

Ergonomic Reading Table And Chair

Children`s study table and chair set is furniture for children aged 3-18 to learn to write homework. The table has a large storage space. The table board is made of solid wood core material. The table board can be adjusted, and the table legs can be raised and lowered to meet various requirements. Children of height can write homework and draw pictures; the Study Chair is an ergonomic chair that can be adjusted to protect the child's spine. The cushion is latex, which is very comfortable and will not be tired, so that children can study healthy and happy.Pro5 04456 Jpg

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