How does Shanghai Guduo guarantee the quality of ELISA kits?

For laboratory reagents, the quality of the product is an important issue that is of great concern to friends. This is a major factor affecting the results of the experiment. The quality of the product comes from the manufacturer. The quality of the experiment has a great relationship with the operator. So how do we guarantee the quality and quality of the ELISA product?

The elisa kit diagnostic reagents have undergone a transition from synthetic peptides to genetically engineered antigens. Due to historical reasons, people often measure the ELISA reaction kit by the background of the reaction background. Therefore, some manufacturers use single-segment genetic engineering antigens and synthetic peptide coatings to maintain a good background. The popularity of such kits is prevalent. The sensitivity of the disease is not enough and the stability is also a problem.

The raw materials and production of the product are the essence of the quality. The ELISA kit has been absolutely guaranteed by the quality of the product. The experimental effect is naturally good. You can use the technical guidance of the ancient biological professional in the process of using the experiment. You can't complete the experiment. ?

Shanghai ancient flower agent RD brand kit, Shanghai Guduo biological product quality advantages are shown in:

1. Clean production environment and scientific production control procedures ensure the stability of the quality of different batches of products.

2. Raw materials: Shanghai Gudu uses the antibodies of the most famous kit manufacturer in the world as raw materials. In addition to some salts, our other excipients are imported from other bioactive materials.

The sample dilution provided by Guduo Bio can effectively eliminate the effects of certain components in the serum with higher accuracy. And the domestic precision coating machine, the board error and the board error is within 5%.

To ensure the quality of the experiment, you need to pay attention to:

· Arrange the amount of detection reasonably so as to avoid long waiting time for washing the plate.

· The coloring agent should be prepared as far as possible before use. It should not be used without expiring the color developer. The light blue TMB color developer can be seen by the naked eye.

· Keep the developer from flowing out when loading; A and B should avoid contact with metal instruments. Avoid air bubbles when adding stop solution.

· After adding the enzyme reagent, use a blotting paper to gently blot and dry on the surface of the plate.

â–³ Warm Tips: If you don't have time to do experiments after purchasing the Shanghai Gudu ELISA kit, Shanghai Guduo can arrange professional technicians to conduct free testing for you. You only need to send the samples to Shanghai Guduo, Shanghai Gudu will give you results, saving you time!

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