Water-based UV resin and ink

I. Product Overview:
The film is transparent and soft, with fast photocuring speed, strong friction resistance, excellent adhesion to the surface of metal ʻaluminum` paper, non-toxic and odorless, environmental protection is not flammable, no volatile at room temperature, low construction viscosity, good stability , Film adhesion, use no longer need to add monomer and initiator, can be diluted with water or ethanol, suitable for deep processing into water-based UV Varnish, water-based UV flexo ink, water-based UV gravure ink, water-based UV screen printing ink , water-based UV wood paint, water-based UV metal paint, etc.
Second, technical indicators:

Item Index Appearance Yellowish to Fully Transparent Viscous Liquid Solid Content, % 78±2
PH value 25°C 8~9
Viscosity 25°C, 3000--5000
Glass transition temperature Tg °C 35-50
Suitable for water-soluble dilution, good dilution stability
Third, use instructions:
1, the resin does not cure at room temperature, but the curing speed under ultraviolet light is extremely fast.
2, the diluent is pure water or clean tap water, if necessary, can also add a small amount of alcohol, ether cosolvent.
3. The water is slowly added to the water-based UV resin during the stirring process, and the resin is diluted to a suitable viscosity, and the viscosity can be determined specifically according to the coating film.
4, the resin can be used alone formulated into a varnish for metal surface or paper surface protection for closed or varnish decoration; can also be added pigment fillers into ink for printing on metal or paper, but also with other water-based resin use.
5. When used with other water-based resins, the pH of the system should be controlled to be not less than 7.

Source: Greater China Graphic Arts