Chemture has developed a variety of new stabilizers

Great Lakes (Great Lakes) Chemical Company, the former parent company of American Chemture Company, developed three kinds of optimized auxiliary systems that can meet a wide range of special requirements for polymer stabilization.

Anox FiberPlus is designed to stabilize fiber grade PP grades, improve PP processing stability, prevent discoloration of PP during processing, and improve the UV (UV) stability and long-term heat aging resistance of PP fibers. The target application of Anox ProcessPlus is PP and HDPE process stabilization, which allows polymer production plants and compounders to extrude under more intensive process conditions and increase production. Anox CompoundPlus meets the requirements for a wide range of process stabilization in plastic compounding plants. This Anox product has a powdered blend and also has its proprietary NDB (non-dust blend) pellets.

Chemture's new Stabilizer product, Lowilite Q21, is an organic nickel UV stabilizer. It is a dust-free blend pellet that acts to reduce the polymer processing temperature. Compared with the powdered organic nickel UV stabilizer, the dispersion in the agricultural film is more uniform, the problem of the green appearance of the product is greatly reduced, and the toxic and health problems in the production and processing of the polymer are not caused. Auxiliaries produced with NDB technology do not have the associated negative effects caused by dust. The new product also has a blend of the organic nickel quencher Lowilite84 and the UV absorber Lowilite 22 in exact proportions. Other new polymer stabilizers include UV absorbers Lowilite 36 and Lowilite 234, and Light stabilizers Lowilite 19.

Source: Plastics Processing Applications