Labeling to complete in-mold labeling at one time improves productivity

Normal > Demag Plastics Group has played a leading role in the development of injection molding technology from beginning to end. 1945 Van Dorn in the United States developed the first injection molding machine. In 1956, Cleveland and Van Dorn Demag Ergotech predecessor in Germany - Nuremberg Ankerwerk together, developed the first single-screw injection molding machines in the world. Since then, Demag has continued to emerge with its long-term experience in the field of plastic machinery and the spirit of continuous innovation.

Normal > The Demag Plastics Group has five bases that work together to produce injection molding machines, including the Schwaig and Wiehe plants in Germany , the Strongsville plant in Ohio, USA , the Ningbo plant in China, and the Chennai plant in India . In addition to the above regional production bases, Demag Plastics Group also has branches in France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Russia, Brazil and Malaysia.

Normal > As the packaging of products has increasingly become the most important means to increase product attraction and increase sales, in recent years, packaging label decoration has become more and more popular. Demag Plastics Group has displayed its in-mold labeling on Chinaplas 2006 . solution.

Normal >

Normal > In - mold labeling system based on EL-EXIS S 150 using back-set product molds

Normal > EL-EXIS S 150/500-610 has a clamping force of 1500kN , a tie rod distance of 500mm , a screw diameter of 45mm and is equipped with 1+1 from Glaloform AG of Nafels , Switzerland .  

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