Corrugated cardboard box compressive strength calculation method

The corrugated box strength standard, GB6543-86 national standard appendix G stipulates: Corrugated box compressive strength value P should not be smaller than the value calculated by the following formula: P=K·G(H-h/h·s)(kgf/ Cm2)
Where: K-intensity insurance factor;
G - Weight of cargo loaded in corrugated boxes, kgf;
H-stack height, cm;
H-box height, cm;
S-box bottom area cm2.
This formula can be simplified in practice as: P=K·G(n-1)
Where: n-stacking number;
K- depends on the length of storage:
<30 days 1.6, 30-100 days 1.65, more than 100 days 2.
However, some textbooks set it as 3, so that the safety factor is greater.
If the weight of a certain type of instant noodle box is 3.5kgf and the stacking number is 16 layers, then the strength of the corrugated box (pressure resistance, the same below) should be:
P=2×3.5 (16-1)
Some large boxes, as well as their own strength standards, such as the Nanfeng Chemical Group specifies that its detergent powder box strength standard is 350kgf. To make a box for it, the strength must meet this standard.

The machine that can be used to test the compressive strength of the carton is a carton compression tester specially produced by Haida Instruments. It is specially designed to test the compressive equipment of cartons, corrugated boxes, and other packaging containers to ensure the quality and safety of the products during storage and transportation.

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