Appearance of the cloakroom design

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] Many women will feel that they are always missing a piece of clothing in their closet , but they don’t know how to store it after they buy clothes. Today, Xiaobian will take everyone to see the design of several cloakrooms. Rendering map to help you solve the storage problem.


In the morning, meet the dew, take the first sunshine in life, embark on a journey of the day, give each cell in life a new beginning, give yourself a bright mood, bring a good day and God Refreshing...

Cloakroom design

Come back with a day of harvest and a little tiredness, kick off the shoes, walk to the closet, free and easy to get rid of the dust of the day, look at the neat and beautiful home furnishings, the original messy part of the orderly display, originally noisy The mood will be better for no reason...


The space separated by the curtains creates a wardrobe and a clean and tidy expression. The table lamp and potted plants (potted decoration renderings) in the bedroom (bedroom decoration renderings) are matched with each other. The carpet in front of the wardrobe (carpet decoration effect) Figure), a cup of fragrant, a book of books, a beautiful life in the quiet highlights......

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