Design the interior space of the wardrobe according to different age groups

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] In the design of the wardrobe is to consider the empty size of the room, but also need to design the interior space of the wardrobe according to the age of the user.

Young people: Young people usually have a lot of clothes. In addition to storage and stacking space, the space of the hanging area should be set according to the length and quantity of clothes. It is also possible to consider setting tie boxes, pants racks, etc. according to personal habits and dressing requirements. Accessories. If it is a couple, you can also consider the men and women wardrobe partition.

Older people: There are more clothes stacked. Considering that some elderly people have difficulty in legs and feet, it is best not to arrange the drawers at the bottom. It is not convenient to take clothes and take them.

Children: Children should be considered for growth, “5-10 years” to design, retain proper hanging and stacking space, and also consider the height of the locker when designing.

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