"Seven-seven-day" Dream Producer "image ambassador" selection activity is underway

The selection activity for the “image ambassador” for the dream-producer “Seven-seven-day” of the first Chinese-language household exploration adventure movie began.

★ Video Summary

Name: Seventy-seven days

Duration: 100 minutes

Positioning: Cinema release

Type: IMAX and 2D simultaneous release

Theme: Adventure, Fantasy, Outdoor Feature Film

Location: Qinghai (Kekexili, Kunlunshan, Altun, Qaidam), Tibet, Beijing, Shanghai

★ Production progress

In 2013, the original movie adaptation rights

May 2014 - September preparations are completed

It is expected that the filming will be completed in September 2015

It is expected that the post production will be completed in December 2015

It is expected to participate in domestic and international major international film festivals in the first half of 2016

It is expected that the summer of 2016 will be online

★Event introduction

Event start time: 2015-11-23 00:00:21

Deadline for the event: 2015-11-29 23:55:44

Voting Rules: Each WeChat can cast 100 votes per day and can cast 1 vote per day for the same player

★Event Awards

The top ten polls are selected according to the total number of final votes

The top ten will be awarded the honorary title of "Dream Producer Image Ambassador" for "Seventy-seven Days"; the companies and clubs will be awarded the honorary title of "Dream Producer Honors Company and Club" for "77 days"; certificate.

Top 10 awards (updated at any time):

First Prize (1) Award:

Huachen Beidou GPS (film same paragraph), value 3580 yuan; Shanlishi headlights (film the same paragraph), worth 279 yuan; 肆 贰 贰 equipment inventory double ski suit, the value of 5800 yuan; 肆 贰 贰 equipment library ski cap , The value of 100 yuan; Yinte Maige riding sound, worth 358 yuan; as the "Tea Academy" town of Chaji wooden house villa one night, the value of 1680 yuan;

Second Prize (3) Awards:

Han Dolok's survival outdoor knife (film same paragraph), worth 528 yuan; 肆 贰 贰 贰 贰 贰 抓 绒 绒 绒 780 780 780 780 780-880 yuan; 肆 贰 贰 贰 equipment ski jacket, worth 100 yuan; Temai song ski sounds, worth 358 yuan; as [tea school] the ancient town of Chaji landscape rooms one night worth 980 yuan;

Third Prize (6) Awards:

獒 獒 獒 獒 獒 獒 獒 ( ( ( shovel (film the same paragraph), the value of 235 yuan; 肆 贰 贰 贰 贰 equipment ski jacket cap, the value of 100 yuan; Yinte Maige riding sound, the value of 358 yuan; 一 【 【 茶 茶 茶 茶 茶One night in the room, worth 668 yuan.

Raffle prizes: One piece of ski suits for equipment and equipment.

Prize sponsorship solicitation! Welcome to sponsors of interested corporate sponsors!

Small secretary: 8000M beautiful stone. If you have any questions during the event, please contact Meishi.

"Seven-seven-day" dream producer "image ambassador" selection activity poll entrance

★ Chen Hao: 172 Dream Producer

Nickname: Pug

Personal introduction: Equipment Cool co-founder. In 2010, he joined the outdoor industry and engaged in project operations, event planning and marketing for outdoor websites.

Hobbies: Translation, swimming, driving, skiing, reading, music, running

The selection and delivery unit: Tianjin Qijia II Technology Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as "seven plus two"), is committed to growing up as a technical service provider for the outdoor sports industry supply chain system. Covered by:

1. Software Technology: Cloud Supply Chain Data Interaction System; Darwin System; Ordering System; Merchants;

2. Outdoor equipment trading platform - seven plus two mall, including app

3. Outdoor public measurement and information interactive media - equipment cool

4. Outdoor Travel Service Social Platform - Attendant

★ Yu Liang: 203 Dream Producer

Nickname: Squid

Personal introduction: outdoor activities, experience sports, painting and calligraphy collection, public welfare activities.

He has participated in the Tencent Public Welfare Zhangye Ancient Great Wall 100km Public Welfare Challenge, and has two consecutive Blue Fund Challenges for the 8-hour Charity Walking Cross Country Challenge and marathon events.

Delivery unit: Gansu Hongqi Real Estate Co., Ltd.

★ Cai Zhiming: 036 Dream Producer

Nickname: Rocky Mountain Eagle

Personal introduction: Many years of outdoor travel walking photography experience, before and after 2000 through the Nu River Grand Canyon, Tiger Leaping Gorge hiking, hiking in Qinghai Lake, hiking in Shangri-La Daocheng, the Qinghai-Tibet line and the photography of Xinjiang North and South Xinjiang, Guizhou Minnan and southeast regions and other folk photography Collect winds. Travel around Wuhu, Huangshan, Huashan and other major scenic spots in China. She has been collecting winds in European culture photography for almost 3 months. She has recently been a member of the North American Rocky Mountain Trekking and Wildlife Bears, Whale Observation and Photography, Folklore Photography Association, National Wildland Rescuer, Friends of Nature, and True Love Dreams Charity Fund. Volunteers, ancient fossils collectors. Love football, couplets, marketing activities planning. In the early years, he published articles on the folk photography and documentary of the Miao nationality funeral festival in “Huaxia Geography”. Recently, he actively participated in the activities of volunteers who watch the earth to protect endangered wild animals.

Delivery unit: Beijing Huijia Lihua Management Consulting Company

Organization: Business management consulting, investment consulting, public relations, human resources and management system promotion.

★ Zhou Kai: 279 Dream Producer

Personal introduction: Hobby tourism and outdoor activities, self-drive across the Qinghai-Tibet line, Sichuan-Tibet line (National Highway 317, 318), Xinjian Line, Yunnan-Tibet line, and around Hainan Island, Fujian Province, etc.

Delivery unit: Beijing Urban Construction Group Co., Ltd.

Unit introduction: Beijing Urban Construction Group is a large-scale comprehensive construction enterprise group with six major pillar industries: project contracting, real estate development, urban rail construction, landscaping, property management, and investment financing. It has a housing construction project and highway engineering construction general contracting premium. Qualifications and municipal public works, electromechanical installations, foundations and foundations, steel structures, road pavements, urban rail transit projects, and a number of professional first-class qualifications. Beijing Urban Construction Group completed the quality and efficiency of the National Stadium, the National Grand Theatre, the National Museum, the National Stadium, the Beijing Olympic Games Basketball Stadium, the Olympic Village, the Capital Airport Terminal 3, the Yintai Center and other key projects in Beijing and Beijing, and many domestic and foreign The city’s major projects such as subways and highways were awarded 82 “Luban Awards” by the Chinese construction industry, the National Quality Project Award, and the Zhan Tianyou Award.

★ Yan Yan: 211 Dream Producer

Nickname: Falling leaves

Personal introduction: Founder of Baoqing Outer Circle; China Mountaineering Association Outdoor Instructor: Individual Member of Heilongjiang Provincial Association; Red Cross member.

He loves to travel, climb, swim, and hike. He has won many national trekking contests on the trekking star. He is now the leader of Baoqing Outdoor Circle Club. We often call for outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain climbing, and driving.

Delivery Unit: Baoqing Outdoor Circle Club

★ Wang Qin: 133 Dream Producer

Nickname: Jasmine

Personal introduction: like music, dance, outdoor, travel

Selecting and delivering unit: Hunan Hongbao Real Estate Co., Ltd.

★ Sun Haibin: 408 Dream Producer

Personal introduction: General manager of Kaibu Ruishi outdoor sports base, outdoor sports professional teacher of Beijing Sport University, middle-level social instructor training teacher of China Mountaineering Association, executive and planner of outdoor events. In the 56 days of 2001, there were 5083 kilometers. There was no foreign aid and no driving force to cross the Atlantic, and it was the first person in Asia. 1992-1998 Air Force ground retired, athletes of the People's Liberation Army Bayi Sports Team, national excellent marathon, triathlon, outdoor challenger, national champion.

Picking and sending unit: Kaibu Ruishi outdoor sports base

★ Qi Xianfeng: 216 Dream Producer

Nickname: Starlight

Personal introduction: Favorite outdoor activities: Medog on foot, Siguniang Erfeng, Haba Snow Mountain, Gangrenbozi Mountain

Delivery unit: Harbin ALICE outdoor

★ Guo Rongjun: 500 Dream Producers

Nickname: Bigfoot

Personal introduction: Founder of Zero Adventure; Founder of Time Travel Media; Founder of Ye Shiguang (original ecological theme restaurant); Co-Founder of Chengdu Vatican Outdoor Sports Co., Ltd.; Xi'an Bigfoot Dice Outdoor Products Co., Ltd. Co-founder; Co-founder of Fujian Shundetai Hotel Management Co., Ltd.; Outdoor instructor of Shaanxi Sports Bureau; Sichuan Mountaineering Association holder alpine coach; famous domestic outdoor travel expert; people who know him call him big feet, one to play as professional Guy!

One was born in the Loess Plateau, grew up in the northwest, hidden under the blue sky and white clouds of outdoor madman, all day walking around the world between the White Mountains and Blackwater, keen to snow mountain climbing, ice climbing, self-drive cross-country, and other extreme outdoor adventure.

This guy is also an authentic Wen Qing germ, like photography, writing, painting.

Playing outdoor for 15 years, engaged in outdoor industry and public welfare relief for nearly 10 years, most of them are accustomed to Tibetan outdoor life.

He said: No place can be so close to heaven, but his feet are stepping on this land.

This is him! A man full of stories who travels the Tibetan land outdoors all the year round!

Picking and sending unit: Sulu Adventure, Luantai Hotel Management Co., Ltd.

★ Tao Chen: 220 Dream Producer

Nickname: Hadron

Personal introduction: lead you to climb the first snow-capped mountains of life. Obsessed with outdoor sports, spending a lot of time to learn professional outdoor knowledge, to obtain national vocational qualification outdoor training teacher, outdoor teacher of China Mountaineering Association, Chinese Mountaineering Association mountain skills, ice climbing, mountain rescue learning, Sichuan Province Mountaineering Outdoor Sports Association first phase of mountain guide , Registered coach of Shenzhen Mountaineering Outdoor Sports Association, Registered Coach of Guangzhou Extreme Mountaineering Association, LNT Preliminary Lecturer, Paragliding pilot of China Aviation Association. In order to promote safe, scientific, and environmentally friendly outdoor concepts, we will create Best Outdoor Sports Co., Ltd. to provide a platform for participating in activity exchanges for a wide range of outdoor sports enthusiasts, and create a rational, harmonious and healthy outdoor atmosphere. We will share wonderful experiences with you. Outdoor experience and life, together with the mystery of the outdoors, to explore more open outdoor areas... We establish an honest, safe and environmentally-friendly outdoor concept, pursue the pursuit of becoming the most professional outdoor institution, promote safety, professionalism, and focus on promoting the health of the nation. Outdoors Our aim. Personal Outdoor Experience: Siguniang Mountain 1, 2, 3 Peaks, Haba Snow Mountain, Xinjiang 4613 Peak, Half Ridge Peak, Xuanwu Peak, Gushka Snow Peak, Yuzhu Peak, Queer Mountain, Muztagag Peak, South France Acupuncture, French Mont Blanc hiking, Tibet, Nepal hiking and so on.

Delivery unit: Shenzhen Zhanjia Outdoor Sports Co., Ltd.

Sun Weining: 019 Dream Producer

Nickname: Old Sun

Personal introduction: outdoor sports enthusiasts, like riding, climbing, skiing, diving, cross-country running and so on. Participate in the event: Beijing Marathon, TNF100 Trail Running, Sanfu Triathlon, Hong Kong 100km trail running. Riding the entire Qinghai-Tibet route to Lhasa, around Hainan Island, etc., climbing too many mountains, almost all the major peaks of the province have been to! Nansha uninhabited island dive and experienced desert island survival.

Delivery unit: 8000M Summit

★ Gao Bo: 075 Dream Producer

Nickname: War Wolf

Personal introduction: Outstanding student from Nanjing Military Region; Excellent soldier, ministry, battalion, and company awards from a certain division of the Nanjing Military Region; Excellent student of anti-terrorist, anti-riot, and anti-chemical training in Shanghai Police Area; China-Hong Kong Disaster Prevention Exchange Camp attended and completed; China Emergency Rescue Training Center Basic Disaster Relief Medical Training Best Trainees; Youth League Volunteer Youth Volunteer Youth League Shanghai Committee of the Communist Youth League Shanghai Forum Forum guests; outstanding youth in Xuhui District, Shanghai; Communist Youth League Shanghai Committee, Shanghai Municipal Social Organization Authority, Shanghai Charity Foundation, Shanghai Youth League 2012 Young People of Shanghai Public Welfare; Xuhui District, Shanghai, New Long March Raiders; 7th, 8th Shanghai and Taiwan Folk Forum and Hutai Youth Forum Forum Guest Speaker Forum Keynote Speaker; Youth League, Shanghai Xuhui District Youth Federation member; Shanghai Volunteer Service Training Public Safety Volunteer Trainer; Mountaineering Outdoor Sports Accidents Officer, China Mountaineering Association; Shanghai Army Reserve Division directly under the command of a certain commander of the camp; China Radio Sport Association Radio Operation Level 3 Certificate Call Sign: BG4EWX Chinese Red Cross Shanghai Red Ten Primary First Responder, Intermediate Rescue Officer, Asian Rope Technology and Rescue Association, “TRAR Asia” Primary Commander of Rope Technology and Rescue, KPS China Emergency Rescue Training Center; National Sports General Administration, China Lifesaving Association Swimming Lifeguard, Swimming Secondary Referee Member; PADI International Professional Diving Instructors Association OW / AOW / High Oxygen Expert Divers; National Sports General Administration of China Mountaineering Association National Mountain Rescue Technical Training Third Monitor;

Delivery Unit: Shanghai City Search and Rescue Team

★ Xu Yuejie: ​​079 Dream Producer

Nickname: Renshan Zhishui

Personal introduction: like long-distance running, climbing, traveling. Participated in long-distance races such as the Northern Horse and Great Wall Marathon. Climbing Mount Tai, Huangshan, Huashan

Delivery unit: 8000M Summit

★ Zhang Xuncheng: 222 Dream Producer

Personal introduction: Chairman of the Board · Chief Brand Officer: Founder of Gao Penghui, founder of Crowdfunding Workshop, founder of China Equity Crowdfunding Alliance, promoter of China Circle Culture Festival, promoter of China Crowdfunding & Crowdfunding Festival, China The Founder of the Founding Club, Beijing Gao Peng Tianxia Culture Media Co., Ltd. (The first in the Chinese crowdfunding concept, the Shanghai Stock Custody Exchange Center listed company: 204738) Chairman, Gao Pengtianxia (China) Chairman of the Crowdfunding Financial Group Co., Ltd. , Chairman of Beijing Gao Peng Tianxia Investment Management Co., Ltd., Chairman of Beijing Gao Penghui Information Technology Co., Ltd., Leader and Chief Expert of Beijing University Crowdfunding Financial Research Group, China's First Crowdfunding Leader Thinking Monograph "Crowdfunding +: Crowdfunding Changes the World The author, known as "the grassroots hero of the micro era" and "the king of equity crowdfunding in China". Crowdfunding revolutionaries, a pioneer in China's crowdfunding industry.

Delivery unit: Beijing Gao Peng Tianxia Culture Media Co., Ltd.

★ Hu Menglin: 260 Dream Producer

Nickname: Black Tea

Personal introduction: music, dance, interior design, costume design, outdoor, travel

Selecting and delivering unit: Hunan Hongbao Real Estate Co., Ltd.

★ Hu Menglin: 260 Dream Producer

Nickname: Black Tea

Personal introduction: music, dance, interior design, costume design, outdoor, travel

Selecting and delivering unit: Hunan Hongbao Real Estate Co., Ltd.

★ Feng Yun: 225 Dream Producer

Nickname: Wind

self introduction:

In the ten years of outdoor activities, he likes to walk through, go upstream, ride, climb, and dive.

In May 2009, it topped the Tibetan Qiyu Peak (6206 meters above sea level).

New Year's Day 2011 summit in Haba Snow Mountain, Yunnan (elevation 5396)

In May 2011, we climbed to the summit of Sichuan Mount Shenshan (5000 meters above sea level).

May 2011 Summit Sichuan Eagle Dove (5230 meters above sea level)

In July 2011, the summit of Muztagag Mountain in Xinjiang (7546 meters above sea level)

2012 New Year's Day to Peak Sichuan Xuanwu Peak (5390 meters above sea level)

In June 2012, Qinghai 5024 peak was not reached

In 2012 Eleventh Summit of Sichuan Que'er Mountain (Elevation 6168m)

The May 1 summit of Siguniang Mountain in May 2015 (elevation of 5025 meters)

May 2015 Qinghai Kongska Mountain Skiing

August 2015 Summit of the Unity of Qinghai (5818 meters above sea level)

★ Wu Pengfei: 213 Dream Producer

Nickname: Norther

Picking Unit: North Children Outdoor Club

★ Zhuge Qi: 263 Dream Producer

Nickname: Zhuge Qi

Personal introduction: Shenzhen Yinte Maige outdoor audio CEO

Hobby specialty: outdoor concert event planning. Main Events: 1) Planning the 2015 Spring Festival long-distance cycling home activities; 2) Preparing for the 2016 Outdoor Sounds (music festival)

Delivery unit: Shenzhen Yinte Maige Outdoor Audio Technology Co., Ltd.

Unit introduction:

Yinte Maige, love outdoor, love music, love life, do outdoor audio leader brand!

The company's main products: riding speakers, hiking, camping, hiking and other portable outdoor speaker products.

The company is located in Nanshan District, the gathering place of dream high-tech enterprises in Shenzhen, and is also an intelligent hardware industry innovation base.

★ Mao Huanjun: 099 Dream Producer

Nickname: hairy

Personal introduction: CEO and chief designer of Ningbo Shan Luxi Outdoor Products Co., Ltd., sponsor of the quest for light, loves the freedom of the outside world, advocating freedom, more than ten years of experience in injection molding and industrial design, loves climbing, caving, motorcycle brigades, etc. A variety of outdoor activities are convinced that outdoor equipment design is inspired by the outdoor experience.

The main design representative has a series of CC-series multi-function lamps, headlights, the king of cost - YOUDO (Yue Dong) series of headlights

As the only outdoor lighting equipment sponsor of China’s first outdoor adventure movie “Seven-Seven Days”, Mao Huanjun has always believed that outdoor films, like outdoor products, can only create excellent works with true love and in-depth experience. We wish the "Seventy-seven-day" movie an outdoor movie box office record.

Contestants selected and sent to: Ningbo Shan Luxi Outdoor Products Co., Ltd.

★ Jiang Peng: 270 Dream Producer

Nickname: berry

Personal introduction: Shenzhen Novo Express International Logistics Founder, Shenzhen Ge Zhen Technology co-founder!

“No movement and no life” is a reflection of my life. Basketball fitness running is the best way for me to keep fit and healthy. For me who is going to be in no doubt, “I still belive I can fly”!

★ Wendy: 009 Dream Producer

Nickname: Wendy Wendy

Personal introduction: Like movies, music, outdoor activities Wendy Introduction 丨 Founder of China Lingnan University 丨 China Spiritual Number School Life Spiritual Advisor 丨 President of China International Spirits Association (AINC) 丨 Member of British International Spiritual Association (AIN) 丨CSN Teacher 丨Registered Financial Planner (RFPI) Registered Financial Planners (RFP) 丨Italy ONAV Sommelier Association Sommelier 丨Education Dept. College Entrepreneurship Teacher 丨 Teacher from Singapore Jewish The business team’s mentors learn how to operate capital and practice for many years. They study and disseminate the wisdom of King Kong, NLP, and corporate management coaching skills. For many years, he served as vice president of Weizhong Media, former deputy director of Focus Media, and also for outdoor media and social media. Operations, sales and development, project investment and financing have rich experience and original understanding. In September 2013, a coffee shop with a spiritual number theme was founded; in 2014, it combined with the most authoritative and cutting-edge spiritual experts in the world, and established professional spiritual training. Agency: China Lingnan University; 2014-2015 two years ago invited Greek, Taiwanese, British, and American spiritual expert tutors to open in China More than the number of workshops to share the spirit; in October 2015 with the British International co-founded The Number Association AIN AIN CHINA (abbreviation: AINC). Good at: She devoted her life to researching the spread and application development of Lingxue culture for more than 8 years. She personally provided over 30,000 people with life spiritual counseling and counseling. During her visit to Taiwan, the United Kingdom, and the United States, she visited more than 10 spiritual expert tutors. , and in-depth study and study with these spiritual instructors.


Unit Introduction: Our goal is to cultivate the most professional Ling number teacher in China through O2O; to help more people find and improve themselves with the aid of Lingxi culture. To provide spiritual knowledge, counseling, and derivative products for users, so that everyone can learn the energy and information of their own life spiritual numbers through learning or using spiritual numbers, and feel the unique experience of dancing with body and spirit. Spirituality is a language through which you can expand your horizons and understand your own spirit. The spiritual number opens the door of the soul for you, and you did not know the existence of that door before. In fact, all languages ​​are like this. Before the words appeared, there was only the simplest and most basic idea, and such thoughts were mostly limited to things related to survival. However, languages ​​bring more complex relationships, more possibilities, and a greater amount of creativity. Spirituality is a tool that allows us to help ourselves. Through the spirit of life, we can understand more about our inner and nature. Life Spirit will reveal your personality and personality in an exciting new way, allowing you to look at yourself in a new light. You will be able to distance and understand yourself from different perspectives. This is something that many other self-help methods cannot do. Understanding yourself will be the key to your success and freedom. Having a deeper understanding of your strengths and weaknesses will help all aspects of life. In addition, Life Spirit also helps people understand various cycles, opportunities, and challenges, allowing you to deal with current or future issues. This is just the point. Life Spirit can let you see life from a broader perspective and face the future. Life Spirit can make you give birth to strength and overcome your weaknesses. The Spirit of Life teaches us to look at our life in a more macroscopic way and to start from all aspects. Each of us is a shiny diamond that needs to be mined and self-improved.

★ Jin Haibao: 049 Dream Producer

self introduction:

Amateur hiking, mountaineering enthusiasts, contacted outdoors from 2011. Has completed, Siguniang Mountain 2 peaks, Kilimanjaro, Langshan, Changbai Mountain virgin forest, Oita anti-wear, walk Medog, through the desert desert, Nepal ABC, 26 hours Juyongguan 100 km on foot and so on.

He received the title of "QueXun.com" as a travel experiencer, "Mumbling Cellular Traveller", "Traveller" has been repeatedly recommended by the "Honeycombs," and "Travel Travel" and other magazines.

★ Yang Jianguo: 058 Dream Producer

Nickname: Aliang _ Jianguo

self introduction:

Occupation: Runner, Coach, Lecturer

City: Beijing, Tianjin

Specialty: Fitness, Marathon, 100km Coaches

Hobbies: Trail running, marathon, super horse, dating, climbing, hiking, traveling, self-challenge!

Position: Head Coach of Beijing Green Run Sunshine Sports Club;

Qualifications: At present, 40 marathons and super marathons have been completed, 25 games of 100km and over 100km of events, 2 hours and 58 minutes of the best marathon, and the longest distance of 400km in Gobi and Snow Mountain.

Golden Rhino Award winner in 2014;

Honorary coach of the China Foundation for the Poverty Alleviation 100 km project;

Bei Keda Ge Jiu and Ge Shi physical fitness coaches;

San Fu outdoor coach and lecturer;

Wei Ma Wanrun, Sunshine Running Group, Decathlon, Yunliang Running Club sponsor and coach;

Beijing Lions Club “For Love Runaway” Event Coaches and Organizing Committee Member

Completed 400km sand race UTG in 2015, seventh place

2015 Ganzi Ring Gongga Mountain 100 km, 9th

In 2014, the team completed the UTMB-PTL cross-country race of 306 kilometers, the cumulative elevation of 28,000 meters above sea level, no signs since the navigation, became the first team in Asia to complete the mixed team, and won the Golden Rhino Award;

2014 third place in TNF100 km;

Salomon City Trail Run Organizer & Coach;

In 2012, the first batch of giants who completed the 330-kilometer tour in China, the cumulative elevation of the event was 24,000 meters;

Delivery unit: Beijing Green Run Sunshine Sports Development Co., Ltd.

★ Tian Yang: 058 Dream Producer

Nickname: Tian Yang

Personal introduction: foreigners who like hiking and outdoor travel.

★ Zhang Xiaohong: 015 Dream Producer

Nickname: Inner Mongolia Red Sister

Personal introduction: love travel, photography, party, self-driving tour.

Picking Unit: Explorers Che Youhui

★ Empress Dowager: 070 Dream Producer

Nickname: Huangfu Tire

Personal introduction: like outdoor activities and related activities, outdoor cross-country, outdoor water activities, special outdoor cross-country, won the city winter ice and snow cold runner, friendship and foreign seasons season army

Delivery unit: Heilongjiang Huangfu Tire Trading Co., Ltd.

Unit Introduction: Heilongjiang Huangfu Tire Commerce & Trade Co., Ltd. is located in Xiangyang District, Jiamusi City, mainly engaged in tires, brand name is Lugu Ma Brand, Bridgestone, Dunlop, Shuangfeng Tire, the company was founded in 2008, April, and so far, and Honest and trustworthy business, get the satisfaction of our customers.

★ Feng Yajing: 496 Dream Producer

Nickname: Migratory birds

Personal introduction: From graduation to 2013 engaged in tourism service industry for 16 years, in 2013 the family moved to Dali, Yunnan, and did a "happy migratory bird self-help family apartment" project. Like to travel around the world: backpacks, RVs, diving, skydiving, bungee jumping, Skiing... Whether it's a luxury trip or a challenge to extreme sports, as long as I haven’t tried it, I’m very fond of trying it, doing it, like challenging things.

Unit: Dali Happy Migratory Bird Self Service Family Apartment

Introduction of the unit: Happy Migratory Bird Self-Catering Apartment: Establishing a family health resort hotel and restaurant in Dali, Yunnan Province.

★ Zhu Linlin: 208 Dream Producer

Nickname: Love Rice

Personal introduction: Chinese city expedition team, cave lovers

★ Takahashi: 221 Dream Producer

Nickname: Wave Island VIVIENNE

Personal introduction: A diver who does not love the sea, participated in the "Tai Ma Institute"

★ Yan Xiang: 259 Dream Producer

Nickname: Yan Rui

Personal introduction: Born in a military family, freelance career, love life, the next year will arrange time travel, love to bring dogs alone in the past two years, travel alone, this year, twice alone from Beijing to Dali, a time of 26 days, another 21 days.

★ Wang Xin Phenol: 038 Dream Producer

Personal introduction: away from the hustle and bustle of the city, take up your baggage, walk in the mountains and rivers, discard all the unhappiness and troubles, and look back to find that this is your best soul washing method. Being engaged in love and doing business for a long time is only 13 years. After years of years have passed, I love the outdoors.

Selection and delivery unit: Travelers' outdoor leisure products firm

★ Ke Qingfeng: 250 Dream Producers

Personal introduction: Outdoors is a way of life. It is true that physical fitness is normal. There is no specialty that is considered to be outdoor talent. Make use of their own media strengths to promote outdoor real excellence, such as the introduction of outdoor beauty, promotion of ambassadors, etc.

Note: Hobbies, specialties, honors or titles that have been obtained, description of major events in outdoor activities, or related links.

Delivery unit: Beijing Jinglian Media Technology Co., Ltd.

Unit introduction: Build an Internet + platform, combine scenic spots, and sports to enable the active people under the line to drive the maximum spread on the line.

★ Wang Bo: 267 Dream Producer

self introduction:

The hair is born red and the cheerful ones are good.

Love learning, love thinking, love everything beautiful!

He graduated from Peking University Law School and is currently the Legal Director of Legal Investment.

I don't have any hobbies, no showy talents, no titles to take, no frightening outdoor experiences, but I'm grateful to be a dream product for 77 days because I had a long exploration adventure.

Election and Delivery Unit: Federated Investment

★ Zhang Xiaohui:: 055 Dream Producer

Personal introduction: love hiking, hiking, photography, diving, marathon, travel.

CMDI sixth-graduation mountain guide; 2013 Golden Hazy nomination; CMDI sixth-graduation mountain guide; nine-year climbing experience; seven peaks first boarding; 2014 Gore dream women's mountaineering coach.

The main climbing peak:

2010.7 Tomur Peak (4886 meters first boarding)

2011.7 Bogda 0 peak (5342 meters first boarding)

2011.7 Bogda 1 peak (5380 meters first boarding)

2011.7 Bogda 2 Peak (5405m first boarding) (Three Peaks consecutive first boarding)

2013.2 The Zala Jenny Peak (5,330 meters first boarding, nominated for 2013 Asian Gold Blast)

2014.5 Galla White Climb Peak (5149 meters first boarding)

2014.8 Doppu Zha Nan Peak (6029 meters first boarding)

2007.10 Kongsheka Peak (5254 m)

2008.6 Mengke Glacier (5483 meters)

2009.July Muztagag (7546 meters)

2009.10 Yuzhu Peak (6178 meters without summit)

2009.9 Ginger Sangram Peak (6536 meters unreached)

2010.5 Yuzhu Peak (6178 meters without summit)

2010.12 Half Ridge (5430 meters)

2011.2 Xuanwu Peak (5383 meters)

2011.5 years Baoyu Ze (5369 meters new line)

2011.6 Anima Qing (6,282 meters without summit)

2012.2 Longji Peak (5523 meters; new line)

2012.5 The Yuzhu Peak (6178 meters)

The peak of 4613 in August 2013 (4613 meters)

2013.9 The main peak of Bogda (5445 meters)

2013.9 Queer Mountain (6168 meters)

2013.10 Ningjin Anti-Sand Peak (7209 meters)

2014.5 Yuzhu Peak (6178 meters)

2014.11 Pogong Temple (Pathfinder)

2015.9 Queer Mountain (6168m) leads the team

2015.11 Nakama (5588m) leads the team

★ India: 286 Dream Producer

self introduction:

PADI Diving Instructor 361765, PADI High Oxygen Specialty Coach, PADI TEC40 Technical Diver.

In 2015, he joined Shenzhen Public Welfare Organization.

Election and Delivery Unit:【Diversity】

Unit description: [Zai Ai Dapeng] China's first non-governmental volunteer volunteer volunteer NGO volunteer. It was jointly initiated by the Shenzhen Dapeng New Area Administrative Committee and the Milling Network to call together divers and volunteers to participate in marine conservation activities. With sustainable, non-profit, scientific, and public participation as guiding ideology, through organizing different forms of volunteer work to promote coral restoration, we will work with the government to accelerate the regeneration of coral reefs around the Dapeng Peninsula in Shenzhen and the return of marine fish to improve the sea floor. ecosystem.

★ Xie Yuanzhu: 093 Dream Producer

self introduction:

I grew up in Danxia Mountain, Shaoguan, Guangdong, a place named after the Danxia landform. I have a special feeling for the mountains.

I worked for a large-scale outdoor production company in Hong Kong in Shanghai for 15 years. Many of the top international outdoor brand products are produced by us. Last year, due to environmental factors in the industry, the original company was shut down. Colleagues were divorced from the production of outdoor products. And I chose to stick to it.

Because my heart has never left the mountain;

Because the production of outdoor products, for me, is my dialogue with Dashan.

I don't have a glorious outdoor activity experience, and I don't have a glorious glory. I am only an ordinary outdoor product production practitioner.

In the outdoor field, there are numerous categories of employees, so please vote for the vote of an outdoor product producer.

Selection and delivery unit: Shanghai Zefeng Sports Development Co., Ltd.

Unit Description: Shanghai Zefeng Sports Development Co., Ltd. is a start-up company. Mainly engaged in the development and production of outdoor riding apparel products: and will be committed to the world's natural heritage - the scientific knowledge of China's Danxia landforms and the spread of popular science information in Danxiashan World Geopark.

★ Han Jingyi: 061 Dream Producer

Personal introduction: Yuner Piao, Shijiazhuang, the more beautiful the trail runner founder. Outdoors in the financial field, advocating a free and healthy lifestyle, enjoying outdoor sports and photography, trail running, hiking, trekking, camping, downhill, climbing, ice climbing and other outdoor sports. , reloading and cross-country running, snow mountain climbing experience, desert walking experience, and several mountain marathon events. In October 2015, the Arctic Polar Bear Challenge was successfully completed, becoming one of the 12 Chinese people who competed in the world. member. He has systematic outdoor risk management knowledge and field first aid knowledge. In 2015, he received the title of Lecturer of Gore Outdoor Pioneer Camp through the theory and practice assessment, and is committed to the promotion of outdoor public welfare and environmental protection courses.

Picking Units: The More Beautiful Outdoor Clubs

Election and delivery unit introduction: Run out of good mood, run out of good body. Off-road running, the more beautiful it runs.

★ Zhang Lingling: 134 Dream Producers

Nickname: Waves

★ Namu Mistake: 287 Dream Producer

self introduction:

Tourism famous Bo, Snow Mountain Goddess. Well-known travel professionals, Internet reds.

Sina Weibo: http://weibo.com/nmcuo 60,000

Tencent Weibo: http://t.qq.com/nmcchina fans 150,000

A number of international outdoor clothing brands, cosmetics brand spokesmen, and image ambassadors.

He is a native of Zhaoan, Guizhou and currently lives in Beijing.

Outdoor travel and adventure experience:

At the age of sixteen, she began to walk on her own backpack. In 1998, she explored Mount Emei alone, hiked the Sichuan-Tibet line, explored Nam Co Lake (Nam Tso) Lake and Nyainqentanglha Mountain. Before traveling around the age of 22, he traveled all over China and once went deep into Tibetan areas 11 times.

In 2000 she explored Shennongjia alone.

In 2004, he was appointed as the event planning manager of the e-car network.

From 2003-present, we are committed to promoting the outdoor sports of the entire people and continuously organize outdoor travel teams numerous times, affecting a large number of people.

In 2007, it launched the "Friends on the Road to Travel" public welfare QQ group, which has launched a total of 100,000 people nationwide, rescue schools and 110 love libraries.

Won the "Outdoor Rivers and Lakes 18" - "ASUS Cup" 4th (2008) China Outdoor Industry Awards

In 2008, Xinjiang in northern Xinjiang autonomously drove through and created a website for tourists. It mainly created a sharing and service platform to allow more people to come into contact with the outdoors, participate in outdoor activities, and enjoy outdoor life.

Since 2009, many organizations have participated in self-driving Sichuan-Tibet South Line, Sichuan-Tibet North Line, Qinghai-Tibet Line, Ali-Dabei Line, and Shuanghu uninhabited area. The longest route lasts for two months.

In 2010, Yushu Earthquake Public Welfare Rescue was organized and a Red Cross medal was awarded.

In 2011, the Gongga Grand Circle walk.

Since 2011, Beida EMBA Outdoor Club and Xuanyuan Gobi Challenge have been organized. Established the "Five Bars Qingshan Fu" environmental protection charity organization.

In October 2011, it crossed the most beautiful valley in the world, the Everest Ditch.

In 2012, the Dragon River in Yunnan passed through.

Since 2012, he has organized and participated in climbing snow mountains many times.

2012-10 Summit Siguniang Mountain Two Peaks (5276 meters)

In May 2014, we climbed to the summit of the Three Girls Peaks. In October, we reached the top of the Qifeng Mountain in Tibet (6206).

In May 2015, we climbed the four peaks of Siguniang Mountain again. In July, we reached Xinjiang Muztagag Peak and reached 7,200 meters. In October, Yuzhu Peak reached 6,178 meters.

2015-10-30 --- -11-15 Participate in the "through the no man's land" large-scale television documentary, character as an explorer.

Focus on global polar travel. Love hiking, skiing, diving, photography and more. He is keen on charity and advocates "helping children in need of help on the road." Won the "Red Cross and the Motherland - Peking Red Cross career outstanding contribution individual award"; "2008 outdoor industry a large inventory of outdoor rivers and lakes of the Xia Xia Xia Xia Award", "Tiger. Discover the beauty of Beijing" Photo Contest launched people. The initiator of the "Five Bars Qingshan Fu" Environmental Public Welfare Project. Due to outstanding achievements, 2015 was honored as the Chinese Ambassador to the Foundation for the Promotion of Poverty Alleviation, and a super performer.

Personal Travels, special reports were published in "Mountains," "Outdoor Gear," "Outdoor Adventure," "Fashion Travel," "New Travel Voyage," "Travel Photography," "Tibet Travel," "Chengdu Commercial News," "Fifth Channel," "Boutique Shopping Guide." "Men's Clothing" and "Cheyou Newspaper" and many other mainstream outdoor fashion media. For personal interviews, see Phoenix TV's Complete Fashion Handbook, Hunan Satellite TV, Beijing People's Radio, and other branded models for outdoor sportswear, skin care products, and hair care products.

Election and Delivery Unit: Outdoor Information Technology Services (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

★ Wang Yang: 182 Dream Producer

Personal introduction: He served in special forces in a certain part of the Beijing Military Region. Flying airplanes, tanks, racing cars, born into the earth like adventure adventures and new things.铁汉柔情的另一面是首批入选文化部文化产业创业创意人才库、“中国优秀青年设计师”近十年的文化演出的策划、制作的经历,打造了数个该领域国内经典作品。如今正备战2016中国环塔(国际)拉力赛。




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★ 刘启文:166梦想出品人





★ 张梅:098梦想出品人







★ 王征:238梦想出品人.







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