Do not look regret! Wardrobe soft package door maintenance door open (Figure)

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] Simple, stylish, European style soft bag door is very popular in the wardrobe production, but there are still many problems in the daily care of the soft door wardrobe, such as the facade is scratched, leather, soft cloth texture It's harder to fix with stains. So how should we maintain the wardrobe soft door?

1, daily attention to antifouling

Leather absorbs strong, should pay attention to anti-fouling, high-grade frosted leather should pay special attention.

2, dry towel wipe

Do not use the method of tapping, which will not only cause dust to fall on other furniture, but also cause the soft bag to deform. Should be treated with a vacuum cleaner, or

Wipe dry with a dry towel once a week, wring it out, and wipe it several times.

Soft door wardrobe maintenance

3, the use of warm detergent

If there is stain on the leather, wipe it with a clean wet sponge dampened with a mild detergent and let it dry naturally. Try it out in an unobtrusive corner before you officially use it.

4, daily disinfection

Disinfecting the wardrobe soft door can remove the harm caused by bacteria. We directly damp a little diluted disinfectant with a dry rag and gently wipe the soft wall background. However, it is not possible to sterilize with high temperature, ultraviolet rays, etc., which will deform the soft bag.

5, the grease should not be scrubbed with water

If it is greased, it can be used to wipe the cloth cleanly. The rest is naturally dissipated or cleaned by detergent. Do not scrub with water.

Bedroom closet picture

6, there is damage, do not arbitrarily repair

If you find any holes, broken and burned, do not repair it yourself, please contact the company's professional service personnel directly.

7, do not expose to the sun

Do not leave the soft-packed wardrobe in the sun, it will cause the leather to crack and fade.

8, maintenance fluid maintenance

Maintenance leather should be rubbed with a clean hand, just use the appropriate body temperature and grease, gently wipe with your hands, you can make small wrinkles and even some small scars disappear.

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