3D printed running shoes see Marathon next year

3D printing running shoes (data sheet)

Nike and Adidas and other sports shoes have invested a lot of money in 3D printing, hoping to attract consumers who value design. And New Balance has released a running shoe with a 3D printed sole, which the company calls a milestone.

This running shoe will be released in Boston in April with a limited edition collection, offering new and distinctive equipment for participants in the Boston Marathon. New Balance plans to sell “several hundred pairs” of running shoes in 2016 and plans to expand this retail business to other global metropolises.

New Balance worked with 3D Systems to use the company's "new elastomeric materials" to print the soles.

The sole made of this elastic material is currently designed to weigh about 40 grams, which is heavier than the foam material, but the New Balance team said it can reduce its weight before April next year.

“So far we have been focusing on improvements in durability and still have the opportunity to optimize its weight,” said Catherine Patka, general manager of the New Balance Innovation Center.

"We've made great strides in 3D printing performance. Lightweight, soft, and flexible, it mimics and replicates the performance that is now available with foam, and its durability is enough to meet the needs of running." Patka said.


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