Natural space will carry the holiday to the end

"The expectation and pursuit of the living environment will vary according to the different life experiences and aesthetic tastes." From the overall trend of residential structure, weakening the boundaries between indoor and outdoor, extending the outdoor landscape, is currently a mainstream in the field of living space design. If you decide to let the outdoor landscape play the leading role, try to use natural materials furniture, wood or rattan, the floor color can also be slightly diluted, weakening the sense of distance between indoor and outdoor. Outdoors can use the terrain to create light and shadow effects, making the garden very moving at night.

Salad is now more and more popular with young people, and the corresponding tableware is also becoming more and more important. Salad Fork is one of them. Although we can also use toothpicks or disposable forks instead, from the perspective of environmental protection, we still suggest using reusable salad forks. Our salad spoon is lovely, interesting and environmentally friendly, and can be matched with colorful fruits and vegetables. It can be used at home or in restaurants, hotels and other places.
Our salad spoon has a smooth surface and feels very comfortable to hold in hand. Every product, from design to workmanship, strives for perfection. Let's turn dining into a kind of enjoyment together.

Salad Fork

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