What you should know when purchasing a whole wardrobe

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] When we buy the wardrobe , we know that some purchase methods will be of great benefit to us to purchase the product. Let's take a look at the knowledge you should know when purchasing the whole wardrobe .

1. Anti-counterfeiting of the board: There are brand logos on both sides of the embossed board and the edge-sealing position.

2. Smell the smell, soak the water test (too fast and not to be lifted).

3. Edge banding: Whether it is smooth, delicate, and strong adhesion (pseudo-deterioration process carefully cracking).

4. The table should be like one: look at the material in the side plate hole. Of course, be careful of the material inside the cabinet side panel and the solid board and the laminate (four sides) without punching.

5. Standard specification plate: There are standards, processes and precision to ensure.

6. Aluminum alloy sliding door frame material: see the cross section is bright and smooth without burr, the minimum wall thickness is required to reach 1.1mm;

7. Whether the key hardware accessories are branded with their own brand anti-counterfeiting labels, and the weight (such as drawer guides).

8. Push and pull to hear the sound to determine the quality of the pulley, but not to say that the sound is as small as possible (may be engineering plastic or nylon); whether the upper rail guide wheel has an adjustment function.

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