Bottle market should eliminate imitation and plagiarism

For a top white wine, the appearance of the bottle is often the manufacturers to invest heavily to build. However, it is the same as the problem of rampant piracy in the country. Liquor bottle design imitation and plagiarism are also very embarrassing, and few manufacturers in this regard the protection of the appearance of patents, further boosting the market's confusion.

For liquor, wine bottles are often the external image of this wine brand. When the appearance of wine bottles is plagiarized, it is difficult for consumers to discern clearly and easily fall into the consumption trap. This is a harm to consumers and regular long-term enterprises. The most famous bottle patent is the Coca-Cola curve bottle. Through the unique bottle shape, people can immediately think of Coca Cola as soon as they see the bottle. This has already achieved the ultimate in branding. For the current bottle packaging market infringement. We think we should improve a few points. One aspect is the continuous improvement of laws and regulations. Only perfect bottle-shaped patent protection laws can form a constraint on the market. On the other hand, law enforcement agencies must strengthen supervision and strengthen the crackdown on malicious imitation of bottle behavior. In one aspect, the drinks and beverage companies themselves must strengthen their awareness of the protection of wine bottles and patent protection, which will make the blow to the wine bottles more effective.

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