Office wind and water

Is there too little salary? I always feel that the boss does not understand where your value is, or how strange it will always be inexplicable. Feng Shui, not only the needs of the family, the so-called spiritual people, how to create a good Feng Shui for yourself, the result is likely to affect your eight hours a day. Don't say that you don't believe in evil, the office is actually a "workplace mansion". The greening in the small environment, the color of the lights, the circulation of the air, and even the placement of the computer may be the key pens that affect your fortune. You can Do you know that it is not appropriate to have a mirror on your desk? Can you know that there is not much space left between the wall and the seat? I know that if the seat is by the window of the aisle, it may indicate that it is difficult for you to work hard... although the decoration structure of the office is not fixed, but fortunately, we still have a solution.

The villain retreats

The seats are facing back to the gates, mostly people who are active in business. Working in this feng shui area of ​​chaotic magnetic field, your desktop can never be kept clean, and the things that are temporarily accounted for, the business that comes in will disrupt all your trips, and you can’t settle down. As a result, nothing is beautifully finished. Trouble will come one after another! If you are sitting in this position, you can change your computer to the left, and add a copper dragon next to it, indicating that Qinglong will help you, and the villain will retreat! You can also put a small yellow light on the left side of the desktop, or put your phone in this area to make you energetic.


We often like the seat by the window, but if you sit back against the window, don't be too happy, because unless it is the Year of the Tiger - the official position of the East, such a seat can make you very popular, if other years, Moreover, behind the seat is the window surface under the sun. The person in charge may not be able to control the subordinates. Even the rumors are out of nothing, and the bad things are passed on, and the power of support cannot be found. But don't worry too much. You can order a small red light or aroma on the desk in the southern area to help you drive, make a villain, or put a mountain behind the seat on the back of the chair. You can buy a mountain-shaped pillow, indicating that the mountain is stable!

Small plant town feng shui

Unfortunately, it is really hard to tell the office space facing the toilet door. All the people in the company have to go to the toilet, and they will move around as soon as possible. If they don’t see you, they will not see you, the stinking pattern. More or less will affect your health, the workplace is more likely to be unreasonable, there is no good thing, behind the gossip is a bunch! Put a few pots of plants on the table, let them help you to vent bad water, and remember to make a row of bookshelves on the table, full of books, try to make it exceed the height of the sitting line, OK , suffocating back!

Rotate your feng shui chair

In Feng Shui, the four sections of the pillars in the office are like sharp objects, heavy pillars, and built-in reinforced concrete. If you add an invisible beam, it will definitely make you nervous and headache. Understand, do not understand, work is confusing, efficiency is not good, under such pressure, how can you let go of work? If you want to turn around, you can hang a picture on the pillar face, or take a picture with a colleague. If your office chair is rotatable, it is even better, because you can turn the scattered magnetic field at any time to build a self. Protect your barrier from interference!

Transfer desk

The desks in the cubicle are often designed as L-shaped or U-shaped, but in Feng Shui, the U-shaped desktop will surround people, as if there is no way out, it symbolizes self-righteous conceit. The L-shaped desktop is like a sharp edge and a knife. The handle makes it easy to get angry, which makes the reason unreasonable. Imagine the gap between colleagues, which is actually related to the desk in front of it. If it's a wooden table, try putting a whole piece of glass on the table and cover it with "Jinkemu". U-shaped seats can be added to a platform low cabinet to convert feng shui.

Protect your feng shui

If you are a person who enjoys chaos in your life, don't bring this habit to the office, especially under your desk. If you stack too many unfinished folders, shopping bags, or even shoe boxes, then you The positive energy can be destroyed, because the document folder is a symbol of protection. It should not be shared by many people. If the work is busy, the files will be pushed to the table, but it will directly affect If the work is carried out, if you are accidentally stepped on, I am afraid that there will be no reason to fly bad luck. So quickly tidy down the table, especially the shoes, both old and new, have to be removed. If there are too many documents that cannot be removed, use the red line of three ancient coins to bundle the files, but this is only a temporary treatment. Only when you sort out as early as possible is the right way!

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