Spike lip problems and develop hydrating lips

If you still think that the maintenance of the lips is easy and easy to work, it is a big mistake! Since there is no sebum film protection, the moisture in the skin of the lips evaporates 6 times faster than the average skin, so it is easy to cause problems such as drying, peeling, and deepening of the lip lines.

According to the root investigation, dry lips are the most common problem, and the lip color is too deep and the lip lines are one of the problems that plague many people. Lip balm is the most common lip product, and there is at least one person per person. But other people, such as lip makeup, sunscreen, exfoliation, etc., few people know how to do it.

First, the lip is rough and peeling, and when it is severe, it will dry and bleed.

If the lip has already appeared dry, don't use your hands to tear it. Many people will inadvertently itch and play it, but this will hurt the skin of the lips. It takes longer to restore the original smooth and soft. Time; don't use your tongue to lick the mouth, the evaporation of water will take away the water in the cells, the more dry it will dry. Usually pay attention to drink plenty of water, and a small number of times, the best warm water, back to the home can use lip exfoliating products, Vaseline, or homemade yogurt honey lip film gently to the lips to go to the dead skin, let dry skin Automatically fall off, use steam to steam and then make better effect in the bath; do not use salt to remove the horniness of the lips. For delicate lips, the salt is too irritating; when sleeping, it can be thick Thick lipstick, wrapped in plastic wrap, get up in the morning, dead skin is gone, still very moist. Usually have to develop the habit of rubbing lip balm, because the lip itself does not have the function of secreting oil, we artificially put it on clothes! Let the water run away!

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2, dream makeup - honey lip essence

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