Computer measurement and control horizontal tensile testing machine

ZLDW-30A Computer Measurement and Control Horizontal Tensile Testing Machine

Executive standard QB / T1670-92

This testing machine is a tensile strength testing machine for measuring the tensile strength and breaking elongation of toilet paper, low-weight paper and other similar thin-sheet materials. The testing machine is a single-screw horizontal structure, and its structure and technical performance are in full compliance with ISO1924 / 2 "Determination of Tensile Strength of Paper and Paperboard-Constant Speed ​​Tension Method" and QB / T1670-92 "Micro-control Electronic Tension Relevant provisions of "Strength Testing Machine".

This testing machine adopts high-performance digital AC servo motor speed regulation made in Japan, a brand-name computer and testing machine test software as the core measurement and control system, a luxurious interface under Windows-XP operating system, operation state operation tips, intuitive and clear. Tension, compression, peeling test, force value tracking, peak hold, displacement measurement, various test methods, sample data, formulas, etc. can be edited according to user needs. Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, N, kN, kg, kgf, lbf and mm, m can be set as required. At the beginning of the test, the force value and displacement can be automatically reset to zero; the test result, curve and gauge position are automatically stored. Force and displacement units can be switched at any time. Displacement exceeds the limit and the sample breaks and stops. New test can also be continued. The curves of the same set of samples can be compared in various forms such as plane, translation and 3D. There are special points on the curve. Report editing, according to user needs can edit the test report, color printer output measurement values, calculation results.

The main technical parameters:
1. Maximum test force: 30N
2. Measurement accuracy: + 1%
3. Maximum stroke of left chuck: 400mm
4. Reset accuracy of left chuck: +0.1 mm
5. Stretching speed: 0.1 ~ 300mm / min
Dimensions (L * W * H): 750 * 340 * 280 (mm)

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