Analysis of the scattered posts in books and periodicals caused by equipment adjustment problems

1. The thickness of the adhesive is generally controlled between 0.8mm and 1.2mm, the adhesive layer should be uniform, and the thin adhesive should affect the bonding strength. Thick gluing increases costs. The length of the glue should be slightly shorter than the cover size 1mm ~ 2mm, because too long, it is easy to cause the excess glue to accumulate on the machine, it is easy to make the back of the book has wild glue and the cover is uneven, damaged, and cause the transmission components to malfunction. Too short will cause the back of the book, sky and feet to be empty, affecting the quality of the book. Therefore, it should be adjusted that the distance between the first upper rubber wheel and the bottom surface of the book block exceeds 0.5mm, and the rubber scraper wheel is 1mm away from the bottom surface of the book block. Adjust the height of the bottom rubber wheel and the height of the rubber wheel to ensure that the thickness of the rubber layer is 1mm about.

2. The width of the upper side glue is generally 3mm ~ 7mm. The thinner the thickness, the better the uniformity. To ensure the fluidity of the hot melt adhesive, the temperature must be controlled at about 180 ℃. Avoid using the back adhesive as the side glue, otherwise it will rise. Bars affect the quality of books.

3. The amount of milling on the back of the book should be based on the thickness of the signature, and special attention should be paid to the folding of the book pages to prevent shorting. The depth of the milling back should be 2mm ~ 3mm. To make the innermost page into a single page, the milling should be level. . The back of the book cannot be milled into an inclined surface, otherwise the thickness of the adhesive layer is uneven and it is easy to loosen the post. Improper groove depth and improper groove pitch should be about 1.0mm deep with a spacing between 5mm and 10mm. The temperature of the hot-melt glue is low, lacks fluidity and permeability, and the adhesion is not strong. The glue temperature should be appropriately increased according to the paper quality. The selection of hot-melt adhesive is not appropriate, and the hot-melt adhesive with the same weight as the paper should be selected. Carry out the tensile test on every shift of the glue binding book to prevent the occurrence of events that affect the bonding effect, such as improper glue application and slotting knife interruption. For copperplate paper books with high storage value, the hot-melt glue binding process should be avoided as much as possible, or the process of not locking the thread and only encapsulating after milling the back.

4. The book block must be slotted, and the depth and spacing of the slot must be consistent. The quality of the slot is directly related to the book's adhesive strength, loose pages, and falling pages. The spacing should be 5mm ~ 10mm, the groove depth is 0.5mm ~ 1.2mm, in order to facilitate the glue filling and improve the tensile strength.

5. The position of the supporting platform should not be too low or too high. When it is too low, the pressure will be small, which will make the adhesive layer uneven and not stick well. The second book-dropping platform should be properly raised. The clamping force of the copper plywood of the supporting platform should not be too small or too large, and the clamping force of the copper plywood of the supporting platform should not be too small, which causes the cover side glue to be stuck. The clamping force of the copper plywood of the supporting platform should not be too large to produce a wide book back, and should be appropriately reduced. There is a gap between the copper plywood and the bottom plate, which is easy to lift the bar. The lower part of the copper splint is artificially worn, forming a small one and a large one, which should be solved symptomatically.

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