Some commonly used sticker surface materials

The surface material of the self-adhesive label must be selected according to the use environment and processing method of the label. Some materials are designed for extremely harsh environmental conditions, while others tend to be short-term disposable indoor applications. The following describes some surface materials commonly used in label production.

Smudgeproof material: It is a non-coated practical material, designed for rapid ink absorption. This material is mainly used for electronic data processing (EDP) and other computer printing.

Rubber paste material: It is a firm and flexible material, which is very suitable for curved or cylindrical surfaces. The rubber paste in the material can seal the paper surface so that dust and fibers will not spread. This is especially important for tape labels, which were originally designed for this purpose.

Lithographic materials: good ink absorption, suitable for scanners. Lithographic materials are known for their clean surfaces and are the best choice for high-quality images and barcode printing.

Anti-clogging material: It is a rough, rough paper with good dirt resistance, suitable for uneven surfaces. This material has a strong and lasting stickiness and is often used as a price tag for retail goods. But it has a disadvantage: it is not easy to stick to the surface of the product.

Casting coating material: It is a pure white printing paper with high gloss, which is mainly used for advertising and packaging labels. Be very careful when applying coating materials on the computer, as ink may cause stains.

Marking material: It is a kind of stiff gray paper, often used for shelf labels, ID label lapel badges and other places where stiff materials are needed. Be careful when labels made of this material are separated from the surface of the backing paper, because this material Once curled, it is not easy to flatten.

Fluorescent materials: Also known as "white gloss" materials, there are many bright fluorescent colors. This material is often used to emphasize the importance of documents.

Laminated or solid foil material: it is formed by laminating a thin layer of metal foil to the paper base. This material can often be seen on gray or bright metal products.

Computer printable polyester material: Very resistant to heat, moisture, oils, abrasion and most commercial solvents. This material is often used in environments that require great durability, such as the nameplate of certain equipment.

Vinyl material: It is a durable and universal non-porous plastic, which can be used on the surface of grease, petroleum, water and chemical materials. But vinyl materials are difficult to print because offset and lead inks dry slowly on their surfaces. In many cases, polypropylene is used instead of ethylene.

Satin fabric: belongs to man-made fiber materials, commonly used for clothing trademarks, name tags and other occasions requiring luxurious appearance packaging. However, it is difficult to print high-quality prints on the rough satin surface.

TyvekTM is an unusually tough, completely intact material registered by DuPont, made of polyethylene fiber, which looks like paper. TyvekTM material will not be damp and will not react with most chemical reagents, making it ideal for harsh environments.

Listed above are the most commonly used surface materials. No one material can be suitable for any environment, but the diversity of surface materials can be satisfied, a variety of different pasting environments to ensure that most customer needs are satisfied.

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