What safety precautions should be taken when stadiums are laying concrete bases?

Cement concrete base construction uses the most electricity. The first is that the construction site should have a complete distribution equipment, such as electric gates, distribution boxes, etc. All special electrical equipment should be installed by the electrician to install the line, each device must have ground protection measures, after installation, check the insulation As a result, no equipment may have live working. The on-site electrician must be on duty at the construction site, and every time on the working day, a full-time electrician should perform the work of pulling off the power supply.


Operators of electrical appliances must be trained to work. Before operation, during operation, and after work, electrical equipment such as vibrators, type fangs, and vacuum pumps are responsible for safekeeping and protection against rain and theft. .

When working on the asphalt that is responsible for igniting the fire, the site should be far away from the oil drums, oil depots, and equipped with dry powder fire extinguishers and sand, and be responsible for checking the flameout work after work.

When using commercial concrete mixers to transport concrete, special personnel should be set up at the construction site to make clear the way into the factory.

In concrete cement curing work, the use of grass curtains or plastic film curing is the most important issue for fire protection of materials. Where piles are stored and materials are stored, they should be kept away from residential areas, warehouses, guards and guards, and equipped with adequate fire-fighting equipment. .


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