It must be known that the eight hazards of static electricity on the production of plastic composite packaging bags


In the process of producing products in flexible packaging factories, static electricity is easily generated. These static electricity have serious effects and harms on the production of plastic composite packaging bags, which often lead to printing failure and even personnel harm. So what are the hazards of static electricity to the production of flexible packaging? Let's learn together below.

1. Generate knife wire-the static electricity on the printing surface of the composite film will be transferred to the ink through the printing plate. The ink contains a large amount of unsaturated groups and fillers with fine particles. Static electricity will be adsorbed on the ink particles, and further attract more fine particles to become a larger ink particles. In the end, due to the electrostatic adsorption characteristics, the ink particles become larger, resulting in the appearance of printing filaments. Therefore, static electricity is also one of the main causes of printing filaments.

2. Ink spots and whiskers-Static electricity on the substrate of the printed matter will be transferred to the ink through the printing plate, making the ink static. When the ink is transferred to the surface of the printed product, the ink is electrostatically charged, and the substrate of the printed product is also electrostatically charged. The static electricity or neutralization discharge or the same sex repelled by the two cannot achieve normal printing. In shallow screen printing and screen printing, the phenomenon of "dropping dots" often occurs. It seems to be uneven ink application, which is caused by the poor fluidity of the ink. It is actually caused by static electricity. This is called "static ink spot". In field printing, electrostatic ink will discharge on the solid edge of the printed product, and hair-like printing defects appear on the solid edge, called "static ink whiskers".

3. Lead to missed prints-If the surface of the printed matter is charged with static electricity, they will attract the dust floating in the air, hinder the transfer of ink, and the missing dots will appear on the surface of the printed matter.

4. Make the end face of the winding untidy-when the static electricity of the film is not completely eliminated, due to the winding characteristics of the winding, when hundreds or even thousands of films are wound together, the static electricity on the film repels the same and the The films repel each other and move, causing irregular winding. When the horizontal and parallel precision of the equipment is low, it is also the main reason for the uneven winding.

5. Electric shock operator-when static electricity accumulates to a certain degree, it will cause injury to the operator, which is not convenient for the normal production of the operator.

6. Make flexible packaging products stick and stick-static electricity will cause the printed products to stick to each other and are difficult to separate. For paper printing, there will be double sheets, blank sheets, uneven paper collection, misregistration, increased loss and other adverse consequences. For plastic printing, the phenomenon of bag adhesion, poor opening type, dust absorption and so on.

7. Damage to electronic equipment-the current effect and electromagnetic field effect during electrostatic discharge interfere with the normal use of electronic equipment, causing damage to electronic equipment in severe cases. In actual production, the tension controller installed in the unwinding and unwinding, the peach-colored computer, etc. are easily damaged. The root cause is static electricity.

8. The large amount of static electricity caused by rewinding causes a fire—the rewinding is a multi-layer winding structure. The electrostatic field energy accumulated on each layer is not large, and each layer of static electricity may be only a few hundred volts. However, when hundreds or even thousands of layers of film are wound together, the voltage and energy of its electrostatic power plant are very large, and the voltage reaches more than 20KV , and in severe cases it is more than 100KV . The winding is close to the last color printing unit. When high-voltage static electricity discharges the solvent ink, it is very easy to cause fire. Many fires prove that the static electricity collected is the most important cause of fire.

Static electricity has such a great harm to plastic composite packaging bags, so flexible packaging factories have to prevent static electricity.

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