The warranty rate is less than 20%, and the furniture after-sales service is not as good as the hundred yuan appliance.

According to the sample survey data of relevant departments, less than 20% of consumers have enjoyed home warranty services. This data is far from the after-sales warranty of more mature industries such as home appliances and gas. So, why is the furniture after-sales warranty rate so low? Recently, the reporter visited a number of home stores in the city. It is understood that the home industry's warranty services are uneven, reputable brands can do more than 5 years of warranty, lifetime maintenance, and even repurchase services; and some brands even the nominal one-year warranty is difficult to guarantee. It is understood that the furniture of one million yuan, its warranty service is far less than the home appliance with a price of only 300 yuan. For more information, please stay tuned to http:// Xianghe Furniture City official website

Furniture warranty is difficult to implement
The reporters who operate high-end furniture in the store know that most merchants only have one year warranty time. If they need more than one year, they need to pay for it; the maintenance period is 5 years, and most of them will not be repaired after 5 years. It is.
The one-year warranty period of the furniture, although in line with national regulations, but many consumers believe that the business is "very insincere." Because furniture made of wood and metal, scratches, smudges, etc. are not covered by the warranty, and the probability that the furniture will have problems within one year is too small, and all the repairs will be collected after one year. In the interview with the furniture market, the reporter also found that except for a small number of more standardized businesses, most furniture and building materials products do not issue product descriptions at the time of sale, nor do they clarify the warranty responsibility. Some furniture are not officially invoiced at the time of sale, only receipts or invoices, and even few salespeople actively introduce after-sales services to consumers.
Unclear warranty coverage is also one of the issues. It is understood that most of the special products are not covered by the warranty, but there is hardly any store in the sale to give a proactive explanation. "Man-made damage" is not covered by the warranty, what is the damage of the home? The salesperson’s answer is that “the master will be very clear when he visits the door.” This kind of statement naturally makes consumers very entangled.
"No" for the warranty and not "solution"
It is understood that although most furniture and building materials products are also guaranteed, and more than 80% of people will take the initiative to understand the warranty and after-sales service when purchasing, most people are "out" and not "solution", because more than half of them Consumers' warranty period for furniture and building materials is completely unclear, not to mention the scope of warranty. When the product has quality problems, many consumers will choose to repair or spend money to find someone else to repair, and the person who really seeks warranty service is very less.
The after-sales service of the home appliance market has benefited from the enhancement of consumer rights protection over the years, which has led to the gradual standardization of the home appliance market today. On the issue of furniture warranty, should consumers be more proactive and more active?
Brand after-sales guarantee
In general, the warranty service of well-known brands is relatively good. Some brand homes provide about 3 years of warranty service and lifetime maintenance services, as well as branded homes with a warranty period of up to 10 years.
The higher price of mahogany products, the warranty service is better. It is understood that many mahogany companies have launched "one year return, three years replacement, lifetime maintenance" and other services. Mahogany furniture is different from other furniture. Many modern furniture have been used for a few years, but the more mature the redwood is, the more valuable it is. The manufacturer has the courage to bear the warranty responsibility for its own products.
The reporter found that because the home industry is too fragmented, the market share of brand enterprises is not large, and the demonstration effect is not obvious.

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