Micro-course new equipment to start school more powerful

New school equipment for teachers, "new class recording system", new mode, new course, three-screen full HD display, sound and color, fast audio and video micro-course course production system, adding new color to the classroom, life-like teaching methods, key points Quick presentation.

Micro-courses have less teaching content and can be learned at any time. Micro-courses not only bring convenience to teachers, but also allow students to review at any time.

The micro-course production system is based on the requirements of the new curriculum standards and teaching practices. It is a student's own classroom created by the idea and purpose of small and big, paying attention to each micro-change of the child. The micro-course production system uses video as the main carrier to record the whole process of wonderful teaching and learning activities carried out by teachers around a certain knowledge point (key points and difficult points) or teaching links in the process of teaching and learning inside and outside the classroom. The system integrates a multi-functional booth computer and practical teaching application software, providing a convenient tool for teachers to teach lessons, courseware production, interactive teaching, pre- and post-class tutoring and real-time classroom presentation.

Are you still using a complex and multi-device recording micro-course courseware? Have you found a teaching artifact that suits you?

Ding Yi micro-class recording system has come, no need to find any more, Ding Yi micro-course integration of a variety of advantages as one, using software and hardware to make the teaching will be unexpectedly harvested, Ding Yi brand focus on education, professional teaching equipment research and development and development of various teaching software;

微课新装备 开学更给力

Micro-class advantage:

1. Review before class to design and produce micro-courses based on the knowledge base and new knowledge required by students. Students can read this micro-class before class and prepare for the new course.

2. The introduction of the new curriculum introduces novel questions based on the knowledge of the new curriculum, attracts the attention of the students, and prepares the micro-course for the explanation of the new lesson. Let the students watch this video after starting the class.

3, knowledge understanding teachers make a point to the difficult points of this section, typical examples guide students to explore the law. Watch this video together after the students have explored themselves or collaborated.

4, practice to consolidate the teacher's design of small and fine exercises and make a good micro-class, used to consolidate the knowledge of this section.

5. Summary Expanding and guiding students to summarize the key points and rules of this section, so that students can incorporate knowledge into existing knowledge systems. Then appropriately design some students to adapt to different levels of student extension exercises. This video is used to end the lesson.

6, Ding Yi micro-class can easily record courseware and three-screen recording mode, can convert the recording format to MP4, FLV, WMV, AVI format.

7. Dingyi micro-course software can edit the recorded courseware according to the teacher's needs. It can cut, merge and format the video. After editing and recording the courseware, you can cut the courseware arbitrarily and delete the useless. section. You can also merge and compress multiple courseware. The video and the script are edited synchronously, that is, the video stream, the audio stream, and the screen stream are synchronized during the editing process. .

8, Ding Yi micro-class can be completed in any office, study, preparation lesson according to the teacher's habits, as long as combined with our tablet plus micro-course software can record a full-scale courseware, make your courseware more vivid and clear At a glance.

9, Ding Yi micro-class recording support H264 encoding, small courseware capacity, high definition, no distortion, easy to transfer / share, not limited by network speed.

10, multi-mode, multi-screen courseware recording, easy to record three-point screen courseware, audio and video picture-in-picture mode, simple and convenient.

11, Ding Yi micro-class recording for the flip classroom to provide micro-video recording, editing.

12. The recorded courseware is quickly uploaded to the server.

13, hand-calculated recording, recording support for handwritten calculus recording during recording, support for test papers and other physical display recording

微课新装备 开学更给力

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