Packaging Design: Modern and Traditional Without Borders

Traditional culture is the fruit of civilization that has accumulated in various aspects such as production and life in the long historical period of mankind. It is also the crystallization of existing human wisdom. It is the inheritance and development of previous people’s knowledge and skills. basis. Excellent traditional culture is the lifeline of a nation. China is an ancient civilization with a history of 6,000 years. In the long history, the Chinese nation has accumulated excellent traditional cultural heritage that is both thick and broad, and profound, and it is an inexhaustible cultural treasure.

Among them, the beauty of Chinese culture is more than that of China's traditional design art - the application of "traditional" culture to the design of packaging and decorating, bringing the traditional design art to a considerable height. It also applies various aspects to the specific modern packaging design, and gives the modern packaging a non-material function from function to form. It can be used to learn from other cultures and communicate with each other. It can also be used as a window to display the culture of the country and better develop the culture of the country. It is the only way for our country to move toward modern packaging.

The idea of ​​traditional art design The traditional style of packaging design is to give traditional rhythm to the text, graphics, colors, and materials, and to supplement the whole with a certain layout design, starting from their own national traditional culture. Has its own design and creative features. The so-called traditional style of packaging design creativity is to attract people with traditional cultural material with high cultural taste and high aesthetic sense. After careful design, it is designed to convey product information to consumers, promote sales, and better serve consumers. The creative "vocabulary" of the service.

The traditional packaging design is not only the simple use of traditional forms, but more importantly, it reflects the broad spiritual outlook of the Chinese nation and the excellent culture of the self-supporting people in the nation. At the same time, it can also be adapted to the success of the vast majority of consumers in China. China's aesthetic thoughts and aesthetic consciousness for thousands of years.

Therefore, when we proceed with the traditional style of packaging design, we should focus on the traditional product as a packaged object, and fully exploit the traditional cultural elements associated with it to carry out creative ideas.

Creative ideas of traditional art design

1. Considering the use and shape of packaging materials, packaging materials mainly use nature's natural products, such as bamboo, wood, rattan, hemp, shells, gourds, reed leaves, tea, etc., to design and produce packaging with the concept of returning to nature and local characteristics. In the form and structure of packaging, we can draw lessons from the traditional construction, transportation, furniture, daily necessities, entertainment products, stationery, sporting goods, religion, and other articles that have artistic value and appreciation value, and are more in line with the objects to be packaged or Packaged objects have more closely linked feature features. The design should pay attention to the beauty, uniqueness, exquisiteness, scientific structure and firmness of the structure.

2. In terms of decorating, various traditional visual art forms such as Chinese calligraphy, Chinese painting, sculpture, paper cutting, embroidery and other artifacts as well as dramas, costumes, faces and props, weapons, architecture, furniture, daily necessities, etc. have been considered. Patterns and colors of decorative patterns for items such as textile printing and dyeing, as well as illustrations, books, printing, and binding formats of content scenes in works of classical literature, folklore, mythology, etc., as long as they are closely related to the contents of the packaging. And if it is used properly, it can be used for my own purposes.

3. From the choreography design, it is considered to be arranged in the graphic design, so that various factors such as text, graphics, and colors that bear the task of visual communication are combined artistically. Make the layout a feeling of styling. In the requirements of layout design beauty, designers must reconcile the format and content of their layouts to form a regular visual change.

Application of Traditional Art Design in Modern Packaging Design

1. The use of color and color arrangement in traditional art in modern packaging design as the color design requirements in packaging, in addition to knowing the regional differences in color, we must also know the differences in color preferences among people of different ages and different genders. In different product packaging designs, colors have different stimulating effects on the mind and the body due to different audiences. Many product packaging designs now use traditional color layout designs. In traditional Chinese culture, due to the influence of the colors of dramas, facial expressions, folk woodblock New Year pictures and the aesthetic outlook of the nation, most of the traditional packaging uses colors of red, orange, and yellow in the warm color series. Among them, red is used most, and red cloth, red silk, red paper, red glaze, and red rope in the package can be seen everywhere. The people love the red, red is the color of the fire, passionate, symbolizing jubilation, happiness, auspiciousness, red so that the traditional packaging to win brilliantly. The warm color series is the customary color of the nation since ancient times. It is the most commonly used color in articles of any age. The use of traditional colors in modern packaging design will strengthen the national style and local characteristics of modern products and have a long history, thereby enhancing the reputation and popularity and promoting the sales of products.

2. The use of traditional Chinese characters and text in modern packaging design Any packaging can not be separated from the text, it can play a role in conveying the information and decoration of goods. The eye-catching and lively text on the packaging is an important means to capture consumers' attention, so font design is of great use in packaging design. In Chinese characters, the vivid shape of Chinese characters and the simple shapes of Latin characters are rich languages. Ancient Chinese hieroglyphs require profound research and draw on their value in terms of their unique characteristics, their high degree of refinement, and their skillful combination of abstraction and abstraction. The characters, characters, lines, and cursive characters of Chinese calligraphy have their own personality characteristics; The boldness of the body is bold and serious, and the simple and elegant style of the script is quaint. The handwriting is imitation of song, movement, and grass. It has a relaxed and lively state of mind. The charms embodied in the writings, paintings, gestures, and strokes of Dai, Xiaolong, Hanli, Song, Wei, Wucao, and Dacao, combined with myths and legends, folk tales, and customs, all show the simple material view of ancient working people in China. Packaging text In addition to font design, the layout of text is another important factor. Text has a variety of features in the layout design. Arrangement processing should not only pay attention to the relationship between words and words, but also pay attention to the relationship between rows and groups, groups and groups. The text layout on the package is based on overall considerations in different directions, positions, and sizes. As a result, there may be a richer change in the format than the general arrangement of books and ad text. The layout design must first be considered suitable for reading, it must conform to the rules of the form of Chinese characters, at the same time have a clear message, explain the effect of the content, and suit the readers for the purpose. Under the need of subject expression, effective use of different styles of text.

3. The application of graphics and graphics in traditional art in the modern packaging design should create a unique style in the packaging design, with distinctive personality. Graphics are very important ways of expression. It has a strong visual impact, so that the goods are more vivid, vivid and interesting, so that consumers have a wealth of psychological associations, affect the feelings of consumers, and stimulate consumer desire to buy. In modern packaging design. The packaging graphics cannot be isolated individually, but should work closely with the overall layout to make the overall visual design perfect, thus establishing a unique style.

China's graphic design is divided into two parts: folk and traditional. Folk graphics include New Year pictures, weaving embroidery, paper cutting, toys, murals, shadows, national costumes, facials, etc. Many packaging designs today use Chinese folk art graphics with distinctive local traditional styles. Some successful packaging designs using folk arts have made the Chinese people feel intimacy in their subtle influences. Foreigners feel a sense of novelty. Traditional graphics include primitive rock paintings, painted pottery, bronze, gold and silver, stone portraits, Dunhuang murals, Qin dynasty, watts, ceramics, and calligraphy. The traditional graphics of our country are the great creation and wisdom of the working people of the past (such as craftsmen and entertainers). Their unique creativity, exquisite skills and rich and varied forms.

Different historical periods have different graphic representations. The patterns in the Warring States period, the four-god patterns and the cloud pattern in the Han Dynasty, the peony in the Tang Dynasty, the pine bamboo plum in the Yuan Dynasty, etc., flowers and birds, fish and insects, beasts, etc. have become representatives of various historical periods. . The design style of nationality is largely determined by graphics. The use of folk graphics or traditional graphics in modern packaging design can reflect the nationality of the product. The packing pattern serves as a supporting function for the text. Many designs for export packaging do not have international features. Patterns and texts are not divided into different levels. There is a high level of contention and confusion. Naturally, they lack competitiveness. Therefore, when we use local culture, we should also choose suitable packaging graphics based on the preferences and taboos of countries in the world.

4. The role of traditional packaging materials in the packaging and decoration analysis Traditional packaging materials can better demonstrate the traditional culture of packaging. The packaging materials of traditional native products are generally natural materials that can be obtained in large quantities on the spot. These natural materials can be applied simply by simpler processing or simply without any processing. This kind of natural material that uses nature and processed recycled materials are more suitable for packaging local native products. However, due to geographical differences. The geography and climate vary from place to place, and nature’s properties vary.

Therefore, different nature products can also give people the ability to convey geographical information. In the packaging design, we should try to consider the use of natural packaging materials produced in large quantities in the packaging object's production area so that it can more accurately convey the product's geographical information. Such as nature, bamboo, wood, straw, soil, rattan, sunflower, brown, stems and leaves, wicker, corn bran, and ceramics, weaving and other materials can be used for packaging. The traditional packaging using natural objects as materials is mostly based on natural forms. They are the crystallization of the labor life and wisdom of the people of all ethnic groups in China. Modern packaging has come from tradition, but modern packaging is not a simple repetitive shift and variation of traditional design art. It should be timely and changeable, and it should keep pace with the times. Innovation is the soul of modern packaging.

We must accurately use traditional art, extract elements from traditional art forms, and recreate them. We must design the charm and characteristics of the local design art, as well as the distinctive characteristics of the times, with new visual images and cultural impact. , Make our products rich in national characteristics, and better carry forward our country's traditional culture.

Source: China Packaging News