Prinergy articles in Chinese text tags in Preps

With the update of Preps, the latest version is 5.2 Build193, the file preview speed has been greatly improved, and some errors in the PS file preview have been resolved. It is recommended that you update.

The question of the Chinese mark in Preps has been discussed from time to time. The specific solution is provided in the pdf file on the official website, but there are still some problems in the integrated application with Prinergy. When Prinergy enters the imposition scheme generated by preps, if the CID font is not installed in Prinergy, Chinese characters cannot be correctly recognized. Some of them are garbled, and some of them cannot be output at all. It will give false warning when inputting.

First of all, the Chinese font used for the CJk tag is set in preps so that Chinese tags can be normally displayed in preps.
Open the configuration file default.cfg in the Profiles directory in the preps file folder (the default directory on the pc is "c:\Program Files\Preps\Profiles\Default", similar to mac), and edit the fonts used by the cjk tags. Use free license-provided PS font "ShanHeiSun-Uni" provided by preps. Copy it to the "preps\Rip\Resource\CIDFont\" directory and copy "ShanHeiSun-Uni.txt" together. This is a font license file, and you can then use this font.

You can also use other fonts that you like, but need to use prinergy to convert to PS font before you can use.

The official website has a graphical interface editor for the PC and Mac versions of Profiles Editer (more for kids), and you can download it on your own.

The CID fonts used by Preps and Prinergy are .pfa PS fonts, which have no suffix. Prinergy's font conversion tool can be used to convert .ttf fonts to pfa's ps fonts for use.

After editing the fonts used by the CJk tags in the configuration file, preps can display Chinese normally.


(The above line is the font used for CJk tags.)


(The above line is the font used when previewing in preps rip)


(character collection)


(Character encoding, if not selected, the cjk function will be disabled)


In the past few days, I have tried several fonts that come with the system and found that they cannot be used normally. Therefore, it is still a good idea to use this free font.

After setting the font, add the Chinese flag to the template for testing.

In versions prior to preps 5.2, errors occurred when previewing mixed files and pdfs after using cjk text, but they did not affect the printed Adobe job ticket and could be correctly identified by Prinergy and output normally. Preps5.2 can be previewed normally.

To preview normal previews before preps5.2 you can try to replace other fonts, try several native fonts, like SimHei (first convert to ps font with prinergy font tool, then copy to preps\rip\resource\cidfon directory ) It can be previewed normally before 5.2, but it cannot be recognized by prinergy 2.3.

Let's talk about some font settings when Prinergy doesn't have a CID font installed.

In the Job Manager, select the "Edit" menu, "Font Search Path.

Add the font path used by the Prinergy job.

Prinergy's font tools can be used to convert fonts for use by Prinergy and Preps.

Several supported formats, one of which is a common .ttf font, can be converted to a .pfa font, and the converted font has no suffix. For other formats, consult the prinergy online help.

The font conversion tool is divided into a global conversion and the job conversion. The global converted font can be used by all jobs of prinergy, and the job font conversion can only be used by the current job.

The key is to add the PS font to be used to Prinergy so that Prinergy can properly interpret the Chinese in the CJk tags used in Preps. (This is the case where Prinergy does not have a CID font installed.)

After many experiments, it was found that the key role was Adobe Extreme. Although the important role of Adobe Extreme was described in Prinergy's manual, it was only after a few days of personal experience that it made me appreciate its weight.

Copy the CJK font and font license file (if necessary) used in Preps to

Then, restart the workshop, enter the imposition scheme of preps, and output the pdf or vps virtual proof to see the use of the Chinese mark.

Source: Chinese Printing Community