Branding and Packaging in Firework Marketing Communications

With the development of market economy and modern technology, the gap between similar products is gradually shrinking. Each manufacturer uses the brand to create a unique product image in order to promote communication with consumers and achieve sales. In this process, packaging becomes an important tool. On the one hand, it is packaged as a product container and packaging, which plays a role in protecting the product and facilitating storage and transportation. On the other hand, it serves as an effective means of communicating goods with consumers and can create high added value and well-designed packaging. Helps consumers quickly identify which company or company is out of the box and facilitate purchases. People refer to packaging as price, product, promotion and integration to create marketing communication strategies, shape brand personality, and pursue more excellent marketing communication results. This article mainly discusses the following two issues: branding to make fireworks marketing more effective; fireworks packaging design and branding.

First, make the fireworks marketing more effective branding.

There are many kinds of bridges or tools for the marketing of fireworks. Then, what is the position of the fireworks brand among them?

A brand is a name, a noun, a mark, a symbol or a design, or a combination of them. Its purpose is to identify a seller’s product or service and distinguish it from competitors’ products and services.

With the continuous development of the fireworks industry, there are more and more fireworks products put into the market by fireworks manufacturers, and brands have begun to attract people's attention. At first, many fireworks manufacturers supplied fireworks products in the name of their own companies, such as Taipingqiao Fireworks produced by Taipingqiao Fireworks Factory. Later, some brand new names appeared, and different brands of products such as “Red Eagle”, “Angel”, “Golden Monkey” and “Eastern China” emerged. Such a brand increases the appeal of the product. The brand distinguishes different companies' similar products.

Fireworks' brand is a means or tool for marketing communication. Creating a brand will make marketing communication more effective. The information provided by the brand is three-dimensional and comprehensive. It also includes three meanings: The first is brand recognition. Just like “Red Eagle, Angel”, it is to separate the same kind of product from another product. The second is the brand image, which refers to the symbolic meaning implied by the brand. The third is the personality of the brand. Through the brand's unique personality, it can make it more lively and vivid, such as “golden monkey” and “land mouse”. This instills a vibrant personality for the fireworks brand, capturing the hearts of consumers and achieving the best communication results. The formation of fireworks brands can make marketing communication more effective. Once a company establishes a good brand image and establishes a brand reputation in the minds of consumers, the launch of each new product represents a message that the company delivers to consumers in the market. This information will become a trend and become a symbol of a certain style or quality, which will bring new customers and profits to the company.

Second, fireworks packaging design and branding.

As mentioned above, the fireworks brand is an effective marketing communication tool, and fireworks branding is the result of a combination of various factors. Fireworks packaging is an important aspect of it. Packaging design can directly influence the image of the brand and reflect the brand of the product. Grades, thus affecting the purchase behavior of consumers.

Fireworks packaging, in a nutshell, is the full use of technology to package fireworks with one or more materials (including firework tricks). It can protect fireworks products, reduce loss, prevent pollution, and facilitate the transportation and storage of fireworks products after packaging. Fireworks packaging is carefully designed to provide various forms of parts, such as handles, buckets, etc. Currently, the most common is the carton packaging, which will bring convenience to consumers. Fireworks has a long history and is a product closely related to traditional culture. Therefore, fireworks packaging is also a powerful medium for the dissemination of cultural and merchandise information. It has increased the market share of Liuyang Fireworks, promoted Liuyang's image, and participated in market competition. Liuyang fireworks sales will be a powerful impetus.

Fireworks packaging design, like general product packaging, should include four elements, namely packaging material design, packaging structure design, packaging design and packaging design.

The design of fireworks packaging materials is based on the form, fireproof, rainproof, and shockproof characteristics of the packaged fireworks, and requires the material to withstand the fall, touch, rain, fire and other factors during the storage, shipment and shipment of fireworks products. , but also inhibit the changes in the endoplasmic.

The fireworks packaging structure should not only consider the relationship between the product parts, but also consider the relationship between the packaging and the external environment. The styling should have practical value and aesthetic effect. The decoration design should use artistic means to design the appearance of the fireworks package. In short, the four elements of the fireworks packaging design together form an organic packaging system. The four information contained in the fireworks packaging, through the use of new materials, structural improvements, styling updates and decoration culture, have a direct impact on the brand. Shaping. The relationship between fireworks packaging and brand can be expressed as follows:

Third, the fireworks packaging design has made greater contributions to the branding of fireworks, which is reflected in the following three aspects:

1, fireworks package design performance brand recognition

Brand identification is a mark that differentiates a brand from another brand. It is a special sign of a product, and generally includes both characters and designs. Brand recognition is conveyed through visual design. It is mainly reflected in the graphic design of packaging and decoration. On the packaging, there are patterns, colors, brand names, product models, specifications, ingredients, quantity batch numbers, and usage methods. We can see that the brand is the most prominent part of the packaging. The packaging of fireworks is the terminal design of fireworks products. Through packaging, fireworks are allowed to enter the market as commodities, and fireworks packaging design highlights the brand marks, so that fireworks products are finally recognized by consumers.

2, fireworks packaging design establish a fireworks brand image.

As a medium of direct communication with consumers, packaging has been hailed as a "silent salesman." Consumers are not likely to be in direct contact with factories and companies. They can only contact advertisements and products, and advertisements are visible and intangible. Products on the market are what consumers really touch, and products are made up of their intrinsic quality. External goods form - the composition of the package. The feedback that consumers feel after using the product must be linked to the packaging and brand in memory. Therefore, it can be said that the fireworks package directly constitutes the image of the fireworks product. At the same time, it is the embodiment and branding of the brand image. The fireworks package design is almost the direct transmission and launch of the brand image.

In today's increasingly fierce market competition, the competition in the fireworks marketing market has shifted from the intrinsic quality, price, and cost of fireworks products to a higher level of image competition. Liuyang is the hometown of Chinese fireworks. It has a history of more than a thousand years. Liuyang Fireworks is a brilliant gold brand. In the packaging design, it is labeled “Liuyang, the hometown of Chinese fireworks”, and it is even better to build fireworks. Is the image of the brand?

3, fireworks packaging design to strengthen the brand personality

Fireworks packaging design is the shaping of corporate temperament and brand personality. It is a unified design of visual effects and psychological effects. If the packaging design of fireworks does not emphasize the personality of the brand, it will not be able to show its uniqueness in a wide range of fireworks. Excellent materials, mature technology, distinctive packaging shapes, photography, painting, graphics, fonts, colors, printing and other visual communication methods can strengthen the personality of fireworks brands.

In summary, well-designed packaging has contributed to shaping the brand. Through packaging, people can obtain a wealth of knowledge and information about products.

The consumer has already identified the brand according to the package, and judged and evaluated the pros and cons of a product. Packaging creates a more direct and effective way for marketing communication by shaping the brand, thus becoming part of the overall marketing communication strategy.

(Author: Huang will woo)
Source: Liuyang Fireworks Magazine