Pof environmental protection shrink film

Pof environmental protection shrink film is an excellent and easy to apply multilayer film, its special superior performance has been widely used in Europe and the United States advanced countries, adapted to l-type sealing machine, automatic and high-speed automatic sealing machine.

Main features: High clarity, gloss and transparency, good protection performance, can prevent the product from being eroded by dust, moisture and odor without affecting the appearance of the product; tear resistance, impact resistance, and stability at high or low temperatures, will not appear The problems of breakage, melting, and crushing are applicable to the packaging of long-distance transportation and frozen products; the fast and high shrinkage rate is suitable for packaging products of various shapes and sizes; the environmental protection performance is good, and it is an alternative to pvc shrink film, especially suitable In the export product packaging; toughness, light weight, uniform thickness, economical and practical.

Information Source: Heat Shrink Film