Problems Needing Attention in Improving the Printing Force of PS Edition

Editor's Note: Although digital printing is a high-tech printing technology in the 21st century, traditional offset printing will also dominate the printing industry in a certain period of time. Among them, small offset presses are moving in the direction of a higher update, and will continue to fulfill their mission in printing.

From the initial paper-based zinc oxide plate to the polyester zinc oxide plate, to the aluminum-based PS plate, gradually mature and stable, especially the aluminum-based PS plate, because of its good printing effect and high resistance to printing force, The favor of printing users is fully replacing the first and second generation zinc oxide plates. However, the cost of the PS plate is much more expensive than the zinc oxide plate, so the resistance force has always been the focus of attention.

Enhance the PS version of the force of the need to pay attention to the problem:

First, plate making
The specific exposure time should be determined according to the technical specifications of the printing machine and the performance of the PS version. If the exposure time is too long or too short, it will affect the resistance of the PS version, especially if the exposure time is too long, there will be no need for exposure. The text will cause damage, lighter ones will affect the printing effect, and in severe cases it will cause discarded copies. In addition, we must be careful when repairing, so as not to damage the graphic part.

Second, the printing process

The printing link is also a key part of the impact of the resistance to India. It mainly pays attention to the following points:

1. Correctly control the pressure between the ink roller, the water roller and the plate cylinder;

2. Correctly adjust and control the pressure between the plate cylinder and the blanket cylinder;

3. Reasonable choice of plate cylinder and skin-like cylinder liner material;

4. To control the pH of the dampening solution, if the dampening solution is too acidic, the oleophilic base corrosiveness of the trachoma and the graphic part of the blank part of the layout will be increased, and the phenomenon of stencil printing will occur, resulting in a decrease in the printing plate resistance to printing force. If the acidity is too weak, the hydrophilic and oil-repelling ability of the blank part of the printing plate will be weakened, the layout will be easy to get dirty, and the stencil printing phenomenon will be caused by the increase of the printing network points;

5. Always scrub the blanket to keep it clean like a leather cloth to reduce the friction of the blanket layout and ensure ink and water balance;

6. For a large number of printed products, the PS plate can be baked at high temperatures.

Third, the later custody

In general, not every printed copy of the PS version is discontinued. In most cases, the number of printed copies is small, but it needs to be printed multiple times. Therefore, the PS version must be saved for the next reprint. When saving the printing plate, first wipe the ink on the plate clean, and then wipe the plate glue, and keep the plate sealed after it is dry. PS version should be placed in a dark, ventilated, cool, dry place, to avoid the same with the acid and alkali and other chemicals, so as not to cause chemical reaction and corrosion of the layout, the best long-term do not check regularly.

Source: Printing Technology